The film will use the blockchain to protect Telegram from locks

The film will use the blockchain to protect Telegram from locks


Blockchain universal, so there are plenty of options for its use. It can be used to hold elections, to register passport and diplomas, to create a universal decentralized base, and this technology can be useful for the protection of the messenger Telegram from the locks. And it seems that in this capacity, Pavel Durov, and is going to use a blockchain in the near future.

Telegram for the protection of locks is very important. Many governments require her to provide security services access to the correspondence, citing the fight against terrorism and necessity of fight against corruption. Otherwise, the head of Telegram threatened with fines, lock messenger and other unpleasant consequences.

On the eve of the New year, the Iranian authorities began blocking Telegram because of the protests of the population. The app, according to the authorities, widely used by protesters to coordinate actions and this is despite the fact that earlier administration of the Telegram was blocked a major protest community for incitement to violence.

That command Telegram is working on a tool to bypass locks on the blockchain, Durov announced on his Twitter account. How developers are going to use a blockchain remains a mystery. However, he noted that in the first quarter of 2018 will be a major announcement. Perhaps he can shed some light on the latest development of the company. The use of the blockchain will not only protect Telegram from hacking, but also be able in the future to help introduce the messenger of other useful features, for example, the introduction of the possibility to make monetary payments and transfers directly within the program.