The first Mexican electric car for 25 thousand dollars will appear in...

The first Mexican electric car for 25 thousand dollars will appear in November


Mexican company Motores Limpios reports that after a few months will begin mass production of electric vehicles brand Zacua. The sale will be two models, the prices of which will begin from 25 thousand dollars.

The head of the car company Jorge Martinez explained that the need for the production of electric cars due to the threat of global warming and other environmental problems. Cars with zero emissions will become the country’s first step in the fight against environmental pollution.

Machine Zacua developed jointly with foreign companies. The French Automobiles Chatenet has made the design of the electric car, and the engineers of the Spanish company Dynamik Technological helped develop the “stuffing” of the machine.

First, the sale will be the two-seater. Its length is three meters and a width of one and a half. At a height of 1.4 m electric car will weigh only 380 kg. With such dimensions it can travel up to 115 miles. The car’s maximum speed is 100 kilometers per hour.

Until the end of 2019, the manufacturer plans to produce about 600 cars. One hundred of them will be released before the end of 2017, another two hundred next year. The remaining three hundred machines to be implemented in 2019.