The former head of security at trump spoke about the “indecent” proposal...

The former head of security at trump spoke about the “indecent” proposal from the Russian


Экс-глава охраны Трампа рассказал о «неприличном» предложении от русских

According to Keith Schiller, during the visit of a billionaire in Moscow in 2013, the Russian side proposed to send to room trump 5 women

The former head of security and confidant of Donald trump Keith Schiller stated that he rejected the Russian proposal to send five women in the room to his chief in 2013, during a visit to trump in Moscow for the contest “Miss universe”. About Schiller told members of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives, according to CNN, citing sources in both the Democratic and Republican parties.

According to TV channel, Schiller, who met with the congressmen at the beginning of this week on Capitol hill, took the suggestion as a joke. The evening of the same day he told about this offer to the Trump, at that time still a private person. Trump, according to Schiller, only laughed in response. After that, the billionaire went to his room, and Schiller, stood outside the door for a few minutes, which was normal practice for the protection of the businessman, also left. What happened next, he does not know, reports CNN.

The members of the Committee, which is investigating about possible links of the current head of the White house and his campaign to Russia, raised the issue due to the improper details contained in the dossier of former British agent Christopher Steele. From the text of its report, part of which was confirmed by the intelligence community of the United States, it follows that Russia may be dirt on Donald trump.
This, according to some analysts, explains the reluctance of American leaders to criticize the leadership of Russia and personally Vladimir Putin for his foreign policy.

Himself, Donald trump repeatedly called all reports of a possible Russian compromising themselves, and also information about relations with the Kremlin during the election campaign of invention and the attempt by the Democrats to justify to the electorate for the election defeat.