The French President named the new Prime Minister

The French President named the new Prime Minister


The new President of France Emmanuel macron chose Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. The selection of a candidate is explained the task Rules to ensure the majority of centrists in parliamentary elections, experts say

Monday, may 15, it became known the name of the new Prime Minister of France. It is 46-year-old former mayor of Le Havre Edouard Philippe. About his selection was announced by the Elysee Palace, specifies Reuters.

Evidence that the new Prime Minister will be Edouard Philippe appeared in the French media immediately after the victory of the Macron in the second round of the French presidential election may 7. Philip meets the three main criteria of the political agenda of Macron: reflects the trend in the political update of the French government, represents the moderate right-wing forces, and has good political experience. Since 2010, Philip has held the position of mayor of Le Havre, a major industrial center of France.

In 2016 during the primaries prezidentskih Philip worked at the headquarters of Alan Juppe, who claimed to become the single candidate of the center-right party, the Republicans. When primaries was won by françois Fillon, Phillip joined his staff, but left it in early March after the corruption scandal around razrazilsya Fillon.

New French Prime Minister graduated from the University of Scinece Po, and from 1995 to 1997 he studied at the National school of management in France. His fellow students say that Philip was a “true centrist”, “other and left and right”, according to the newspaper, The Quebec Times.

The figure of the new Prime Minister is important for the solution of internal political problems faced by Macron, written by experts of the Center for political technologies, Tatyana Stanovaya and Igor Bunin of the Moscow Carnegie center. “The decision in favor of one or another shape — a significant factor for the progress of the parliamentary campaign, in which the Macron is ideologically important to take a step in the direction of right of the voter, analysts say. Prime Minister must be right — is the dominant expectation in the French political elite and a potentially severe blow to “the Republicans”, which will be much harder to conduct his campaign among voters whose interests are already de facto represented the right-wing Prime Minister”.

Parliamentary elections will be held in France on 11 and 18 June.