The government rejected the bill Mizulina to ban the baby boxes

The government rejected the bill Mizulina to ban the baby boxes


Photo: Andrei Makhonin/TASS

At the conclusion of the government on a bill to ban the baby boxes, which was prepared by Senator Elena Mizulina, said that in its current form, it cannot be accepted and needs “substantial revision”

The Russian government has published a formal opinion on the draft law on the prohibition of the organization of the boxes for the anonymous abandonment of newborn children, which was developed by Senator Elena Mizulina.

“The bill needs substantial revision before consideration by the state Duma in the first reading,” — says the official opinion of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“Proposed administrative fine for legal entities, which typically are budget institutions appears to be excessive, because the amount of money it is comparable to the size of the wage Fund maternity hospitals average power from one to three months,” written in prison.

The bill was registered in the database of the state Duma in June 2016. It proposes for the creation of “specialized places for the anonymous abandonment of a child” to punish a legal person by a fine from 1 to 5 million RUB or apply “administrative suspension of activity for up to ninety days.”

The government decided that “the suspension of activities of a legal entity may lead to the impossibility of obtaining medical assistance, and social and educational services to orphaned children and children left without parental care” as baby-boxes most often are created when hospitals and hospitals and in institutions for children-orphans.

In addition, the document contains a reference to the Convention on the rights of the child, by which States recognize that every child has the inherent right to life and ensuring to the maximum extent possible the survival and development of children.

In September on the website Mizulina was reported that the government supported this bill. “Today it became known that the government of the Russian Federation gave an official positive opinion to the prepared by Senator Elena Mizulina, together with experts of public organization “all-Russian Parental resistance” the bill”, — stated in the message.

It provided a quote from the supposedly official opinion of the government: “the government of the Russian Federation supports the draft law subject to its revision based on the comments” and thanks most Mizulina. “I am grateful to the government for the fact that it supports the bill — said Elena Mizulina. — All mentioned in the official review comments can be easily fixed for the second reading”.

Previously an opponent of the installation of baby-boxes and their legislative permission was a former children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov. He said that the legalization of baby-boxes can exacerbate the situation of trafficking in children. “Baby-boxes offer a great opportunity for child trafficking. Well they are all unaccounted for. No cameras, no documents asked. Do not step on the rake, which in other countries to us has already begun”, — said Astakhov.