The government will count all living things

The government will count all living things


In 2018 in Russia will be created a unified system of identification of Pets and farm animals

Photo: RIA NOVOSTI/Alexander Kondratyuk

Animals on the territory of Russia will soon get a unique identification number (UIN). From January 2018, the Russian farmers and pet owners will have to supply them with chip, tattoo or brand with a win. To him in a specially created Federal state information system (FGIS) will be tied to information about the life of the animal. According to the instructions of Vice-Premier of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich (a copy is in “News”) until February 15, the Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of economic development and the Finance Ministry should develop a “road map” for implementation of the identification.

Following the meeting, Arkady Dvorkovich in the end of last year issued an order to create a “road map” for the implementation in Russia of the animal identification system. Assigned responsibility, the Ministry of agriculture jointly with the Ministry of economic development and Ministry of Finance.

In a press-service of the Ministry of agriculture noted that the order was given on the basis of a departmental order “On approval of the list of types of animals subject to identification and registration.” According to the document, the identification shall be horses, cattle, deer, camels, poultry, dogs and cats, pigs, rabbits, fur-bearing animals, bees and fish. An exception is made for wild animals living in natural freedom, including for the natural resources of the continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone of Russia.

— Veterinary rules of animal identification and recording are now in agreement — said the press service of the Ministry of agriculture. Implementation of these measures will charge regions.

According to the draft order of the Ministry of agriculture, marking you as one animal, and groups. For example, in the case of bees — apiary all the time. The animal will be assigned a unique 15-sign an alphanumeric identifier. First two digits —uppercase letters EN, showing that the animals are subjected to accounting in Russia; third category is a figure showing that the question about personal identity, group or both. The fourth sign is a uppercase letter: F — if an animal is grown for food or medical products; P — pet, etc.

The initial registration of the animal should be held in the first three months after birth of the animal or its import to Russia. The FGIS will store information about the unique number of the animal, the unique number marking on the type and characteristics of the means of marking of the ancestors, descendants and productivity of the animal, its species, breed, field, suit, appearance, birth date (of entry), birth place of, on the movements of the animal, diseases, malformations, genetic defects, diagnostic test results, veterinary treatments applied veterinary drugs, animal owners, and other information.

Allowed to use any convenient means of marking. It can be visual (tag, tattoo, brand, ring, collar), electronic (we are talking about implantation contains information chips), mixed (a combination of visual and electronic) and other means of marking.

The marking process will have two stages. From 1 January 2018, the order will come into force for some animals (including horses, donkeys, mules, cattle, deer, camels and swine), and since the beginning of 2019, for small cattle (sheep and goats), dogs and cats, poultry, fur-bearing animals and rabbits, bees, fish and other aquatic animals. The project is not specified, whether it is necessary to mark animals born before the order will come into force.

According to the head of the Russian Association of Internet of things Andrey Kolesnikov, if the animal is reared for slaughter, the data must be available and buyers of meat. It is clear that the chip on the counter will not fall, but buyers should be generated a QR code — scan it with a mobile phone you can see information about the animal. For example, the time of slaughter, antibiotic use, etc.

— This order can be relevant for business, farmers are not so numerous, — the adviser of the President of Russia on development of Internet Herman Klimenko. But identification of animals adds to his work. So it would make sense to first assess the cost of implementation metering and data transmission to the data processing centre of the Ministry of agriculture. The attempt to implement the system as proposed among the population seems to me untimely. If the cities somehow you can imagine that, how it will be implemented in the villages, to present already very difficult.