The Governor believes that “Harvey” has caused more damage than Katrina

The Governor believes that “Harvey” has caused more damage than Katrina


Губернатор считает, что «Харви» нанес больший ущерб, чем «Катрина»

Greg Abbott said the state may require more than $ 125 billion on liquidation of consequences of natural disasters

Hurricane “Harvey” caused only Texas counties of Harris and Galveston the estimated damage of at least $ 23 billion.

To such conclusion came the news Agency Reuters on the basis of analysis of satellite photos and data about real estate.

The publication of these data coincided with a statement by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who said that the state may require more than $ 125 billion from the Federal government in the recovery from tropical storms.

Speaking at a press conference, the Governor said that “Harvey” has surpassed the scale of the hurricane Katrina that struck New Orleans in 2005.

The US government has allocated $ 125 billion on liquidation of consequences of “Katrina”, and, according to Abbott, to recover from “Harvey” will take more, given its scale.

Satellite images collected by researchers at the University of Colorado, show that the area of flooding in Harris County was 600 square kilometers and the area Galveston 132 square kilometers, which is about the eighth part of the territory of each of the districts.

News Agency Reuters has combined photographs of flooding from the cadastral map and concluded that the floods have affected at least 30 thousand houses in two districts with a total market value at 23.4 billion dollars.

The real property damage is only part of the damage that is rapidly growing as “Harvey” moves from Texas to Louisiana.

The damage assessment conducted by Federal authorities, will also include huge costs that are associated with disruptions in the businesses, destroyed vehicles and other personal property, costs for repair of roads and other public infrastructure, assistance to victims, including money for food and accommodation of tens of thousands of people forced to leave their homes.

Adam Smith, a leading scholar of the Federal Agency that collects data on the costs associated with storm damage, said “very likely” that the costs of “Harvey” may exceed the record costs at $ 160 billion caused by hurricane Katrina.

“But it will take some time to understand the scale of the destruction caused by “Harvey,” which continues to rage, – said in the letter Smith sent to Reuters on Wednesday. – It is not clear whether ultimately the costs of “Harvey” the costs of “Katrina”. But as we face unprecedented levels of precipitation for major cities in addition to the expense of other cities and regions from wind, storm surges and floods, it is very likely”.

According to the National oceanic and atmospheric administration, the damage from hurricane Katrina in 2005 amounted to about 160 billion dollars from hurricane sandy in 2012 – 70 billion, and from hurricane IKE in 2008, 34 billion.

Senior policy analyst non-profit organization “Council for the protection of natural resources” (Natural Resources Defense Council) Rob Moore says about the extent of the damage from “Harvey” “can only guess”.

Moore had been monitoring the reports of the government and the insurance business.

“Because of the extent of flooding, many insurance companies are preparing for a very large number of totally destroyed residential buildings, he says. – A significant portion of these buildings will be uninsured because for the last few years, many refused insurance in the event of flooding”.