The hacker stole the files of the U.S. army, but could not...

The hacker stole the files of the U.S. army, but could not sell them even for $ 150


The hacker had the sense to use the vulnerability of routers Netgear to gain access to the files of the U.S. army. The obtained data he attempted to sell on the forum on the darknet, but was unable to find an interested buyer, even reducing the price to $ 150.

A hacker got hold of the records of staff of the air force base in Nevada. Among the obtained data, it was the service manual UAV MQ-9A Reaper, guide for the disposal of improvised explosive devices and a guide to tank M1 Abrams.

It is obvious that among the stolen data was not classified material, which would be of value to the armed forces of other States, but even these data are prohibited to pass without much notice. Of course, the hacker said that he watched the cameras on the border of USA and Mexico, the cameras of NASA and UAV MQ-1, and stole secret data from the Pentagon. Analysts say that it’s not so dramatic.

The identity of the hacker set. He obviously didn’t understand the value of stolen data, and tried to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Locating the leak, managed to disable the affected computers, and the attacker lost access to the data. But less alarming news becomes. The vulnerability used by the hacker and was discovered back in 2016. However, the armed forces are subject to attack.