The head of BuzzFeed declared that is proud of the publication of...

The head of BuzzFeed declared that is proud of the publication of “dossier trump”


Глава BuzzFeed заявил, что гордится публикацией «досье Трампа»

One of the lawyers trump filed a libel suit against the website that published the dossier on the election campaign

BuzzFeed editor in chief Ben Smith said that “boasts” the publication of a file containing the unconfirmed reports about Donald trump and his campaign on his website.

As Smith wrote in a column for the New York Times, obviously, “dossier, no doubt, is a real news.”

Smith believes that the investigation of Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016 was the “main challenge for the presidency trump”. In his opinion, the publication of the dossier, which was posted on the website last year, said, “the public interest”.

Recall that Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein on Tuesday published the transcript of Glenn Simpson, one of the founders of the research company, Fusion GPS, commissioned by the composed file. In August, Simpson testified in the Senate judiciary Committee in August.

After the publication of the transcripts of trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen has filed a suit against BuzzFeed and Fusion of GPS for defamatory and slanderous statements.

The lawsuit was filed in new York state almost a year after the publication of the 35-page dossier on BuzzFeed.

Cohen, whose name is mentioned in the dossier, accuses BuzzFeed and several members of the website defamation.

The text of the lawsuit alleges that the site published allegations, “without trying to establish the accuracy of the information contacting by the plaintiff.”

The official representative of BuzzFeed’s Matt Mittenthal defended the publication, adding: “We look forward to the opportunity to defend in court their rights guaranteed by the First amendment”.