The head of the electoral headquarters of the Democrats gave testimony about...

The head of the electoral headquarters of the Democrats gave testimony about the Russian intervention


Глава избирательного штаба демократов дал показания о российском вмешательстве

John Podesta addressed the Commission members of the U.S. Congress

The head of the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign of 2016 John Podesta on Tuesday for the first time gave testimony to members of Congress, leading the investigation about intervention of Russia in the U.S. presidential election.

Breaking of electronic mailboxes Podestà experts to be one of the key points that could affect the electoral campaign. Then it was stolen several tens of thousands of letters that were later published by the infamous WikiLeaks website.

John Podesta told reporters that he was “happy to cooperate” with members of Congress. He did not agree with the fact that the Obama administration “too soft” responded to a hacker attack, organizovannyi the Kremlin.

“The administration had to deal with unprecedented passions (during election campaign), the cause of which were the Russian cyber attacks, noted John Podesta. – I think that the administration tried to choose the best solution which would meet the interests of Americans.”

Personal emails stolen from the servers of the National Committee of the democratic party and computers John Podestà, contained detailed information about the “inner workings” of the electoral headquarters of Clinton.

At the same time these letters were used right-conservative and conspiracy sites for spreading false information discrediting the candidate of the democratic party. In one such message, for example, argued that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta run by criminal networks that sell children into sexual slavery. According to the authors of an online resource, the headquarters of the illegal network was located in one of Washington pizzerias.

In December last year, the North Carolina resident Edgar Welch, armed with assault rifle, broke into a café in the capital of the USA, saying that he intends to personally investigate the scandal, dubbed “Pizza-gate”. By happy coincidence, none of the visitors didn’t hurt.

As it became known, members of Congress, leading the investigation about the Russian intervention, last week, was invited for questioning six witnesses. Three of them chose the democratic party, three Republicans.

Investigators from the house of representatives also intend to explore what impact the election has had a false news that spread numerous online resources. According to CNN, among those invited to testify could be and brad Parscale, who led IT direction and work in social networks in the election headquarters of Donald trump.