The head of the foreign office downplayed the threat posed by Russia

The head of the foreign office downplayed the threat posed by Russia


The British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson

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The Kremlin responded to the call of Johnson to the shares at the Russian Embassy
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Media compared the cancellation of Putin’s visit to Paris with the moments of the cold war
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The British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said he does not consider Russia as threat to peace, which was the Soviet Union. In his opinion, to talk about a new cold war now is wrong

Speaking in the house of Commons of the UK Parliament, the Minister of foreign Affairs Boris Johnson said that “Russia is doing many terrible things.” However, in his opinion, Russia cannot be compared with the Soviet Union, because it does not pose a threat to the world. It is wrong to talk about a new cold war, he was quoted by The Guardian.

Johnson also said that sanctions against Russia hit the Russians, but “the regime is committed to follow the current course.”

“We have to be very tough against Russia,” said Johnson, putting further pressure on Moscow through the UN and the international criminal court. All this is necessary, he said, to convince President Vladimir Putin to take a different route. “It would be a tragedy if Russia becomes a rogue state”, — he stressed.

Johnson noted that he did not want to “endless confrontation with Russia.” He called Russia a “great country” and describe yourself as a Russophile. He remembered how he went to Russia when he was 16 years old. The Minister of foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom pointed out that Britain and Russia should cooperate in such matters as combating terrorism. “But Russia must cease to commit barbaric actions in Syria and Aleppo, to conclude an agreement with Syria, and Ukraine”, — said Johnson.

Earlier this week, 11 October, foreign Minister has strongly criticized Russia. “If Russia continues to act in the same spirit, I think that this great country is in danger of becoming a pariah state”, — quotes the Minister Agency.

Then, also speaking before members of the British Parliament, Johnson said that Russia is bombing civilian targets in Syria, accused Moscow in an attack on a humanitarian convoy and called on to hold a protest outside the Russian Embassy in the UK capital and increase pressure on Moscow from the international community.

In response, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that she is ashamed of the British Minister, and the official representative of the Ministry of defense Igor Konashenkov said that the Russian planes in the attack of the convoy was not. Johnson’s performance he described as “Russophobic hysteria”. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said on the eve of 12 October, the UK authorities must ensure the safety of diplomatic institutions in accordance with the Vienna Convention.

25 Sep Johnson has accused Russia of prolonging the war in Syria. “Russia is guilty of delaying the war and makes it even more terrible,”he said. In response Zakharov proposed to the Minister instead of the word “Russia” to use the word “UK” and for “Syria” “Iraq”.