The head of the Institute of Economics, said about the “end” of...

The head of the Institute of Economics, said about the “end” of the Academy of Sciences


Ruslan Grinberg

Photo: Sergey Fadeichev / TASS

Scientific Director of the Institute of Economics RAS Ruslan Grinberg believes that the postponement of the election of the President of the Academy in the fall — only the “outer shell” serious transformation, which is waiting for the scientific establishment, and talks about his upcoming “sunset”

Scientific Director of the Institute of Economics RAS Ruslan Grinberg said that what is happening in the Russian Academy of Sciences can be interpreted as the upcoming “sunset” of the RAS. This statement was made by Greenberg during the plenary session of the Moscow economic forum, reports the RNS.

“There is a sunset, I think. Maybe I’m wrong, of course, I’m a big pessimist of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and what has happened, the postponement of elections is only the outer shell is preparing a very serious transformation of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said Greenberg

According to him, ran risks becoming a “club of the funny, or sad, curious, not very young people”, and its next President will play the role of “moderator”.

Thwarted elections: whose interests collided in the Academy of Sciences

In his speech, Greenberg also said that the actions of authorities during protest rallies against corruption, which took place March 26 in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and other cities of Russia “further undermine the credibility of the government”.

According to him, regardless of how the authorities relate to the organizer of the rallies, Alexei Navalny, was “totally inadequate response” to the behaviour of young people in the moment “when we are talking about trying to fight corruption, which has become “systemic element of our political machinery.”

Currently the state Duma is preparing amendments to the law on science, which involve changing the system of elections of the President of the Academy of Sciences, said in a conversation with RBC press-Secretary of the RAS Mikhail Paltsev. He noted that he saw the project. The General meeting of RAS will now nominate several candidates from which to choose the President will be the President of Russia.

While in the Duma profile Committee on this initiative have not yet heard, said RBC Chairman of the Committee Vyacheslav Nikonov.

Deputy Oleg Smolin has suggested that the bill did not originate in the lower house of Parliament and the presidential administration, while the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has rejected such speculation, noting that, while academics will not be a consensus on this issue, the Kremlin will not Express their opinion.

The election of the President of the RAS had to go through 20 March, but did not take place due to the fact that all applicants for this position withdrew their nominations. In the elections was to participate in force at the time the President of RAS Vladimir Fortov, Director of the Institute of molecular biology Alexander Makarov Director of the Institute on laser and information technologies of RAS Vladislav Panchenko, who also holds the position of Director of the Institute of molecular physics research center (SRC) “Kurchatov Institute”.

All three candidates have explained their decision by the imperfection of procedural issues. The elections were postponed to the autumn.

Shortly thereafter, Vladimir Fortov went to the hospital and appointed acting President ran his Deputy Vladimir Kozlov. According to the source RBC, Fortov examined in the Central clinical hospital (TSKB). Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has approved the appointment.

After leaving the hospital the FORTS had not returned to their prior position, and was appointed honorary Advisor to the Academy. He also remained Director of the joint Institute for high temperatures RAS, which he has headed since 2007.

Rallies against corruption were held in several Russian cities on March 26. Moscow authorities have not agreed on the venue of the action on Tverskaya and offered an alternative platform later than required by law, so the organizer of the rally, Alexei Navalny urged people to “walk around” in Tver. According to official estimates, in the “walk” took part about 8 thousand people, and as a result of arrests carried out by police in Moscow in the police Department was more than a thousand people.