The head of the “Liaison” became a top Manager of Euroset

The head of the “Liaison” became a top Manager of Euroset


The new head of “Coherent”

The network of electronics stores “Svyaznoy” new Director — from 1 September 2017 this post is Dmitry Milshtein. Former CEO Eugene Davidovich, who headed the company from the beginning of 2016, will leave from “the messenger” and is Chairman of the Board of the Bank.

Milstein said that he regarded his appointment as “a new challenge” as retailers head the network in the face of growing competition and changing consumer behavior is not easy. According to him, “the Messenger” “is a example to follow in all aspects of work”, including work with clients, sales, reactions to trends, etc.

According to Oleg Malis, controlling shareholder “Coherent” and the owner of the group Solvers, Milstein has enough experience in retail to strengthen their new team. For eight years, the newly appointed CEO was appointed chief financial officer of the company “Euroset”. Prior to that, he worked in senior positions in different departments of X5 Retail Group.

Former Director

At the beginning of 2016 , it became knownthat the company “Svyaznoy” will be headed by Eugene Davidovich, succeeding Michael Stitch. Tach held the position of President since may 2013, before that, was chief managing Director. That he plans to leave the company, it was not previously known. The reasons for his departure were not disclosed.

The new General Director “Coherent” Dmitry Milshtein