The head of the NRA criticized the calls for tougher gun control

The head of the NRA criticized the calls for tougher gun control


Глава НСА раскритиковал призывы к ужесточению контроля над оружием

Wayne Lapierre spoke at the annual conference of the conservative political action

The head of the National rifle Association Wayne Lapierre on Thursday criticized supporters of tighter control over arms trafficking, stating that it will not help to prevent attacks such as the recent mass murder in a school in Florida, but called for stronger measures to ensure compliance with current legislation, including the introduction of armed guards in schools.

“Schools should be the best protected facilities in the country. You should immediately repel evil with all necessary power to protect our children,” said Lapierre, speaking for the first time a public review of the tragedy at the school named after Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida.

Lapierre, who heads one of the most influential lobbying organizations in the country, has strongly defended the current legislation about guns, speaking at the conservative conference in suburban Washington, which is attended by thousands of conservative politicians, strategists and activists.

Lapierre criticized the “democratic socialists” calls for tighter controls over arms trafficking and said that the country will face negative consequences if they get seats in state legislatures and Congress.

“Our American freedom can be lost and our country changed forever, first and foremost, we lose the second amendment to the Constitution,” he said.

Lapierre did not mention the surviving students of the school in Parkland, which spawned an unprecedented wave of youth protests calling for tougher gun control that swept across the country.

The conference was also made Vice-President of the United States, Mike Pence, and on Friday it will be the President trump.