The head of the Pentagon criticized the Congress for the situation with...

The head of the Pentagon criticized the Congress for the situation with the defense budget


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Thursday at midnight expires once the period of temporary financing of the U.S. government

The US defence Secretary Jim Mattis has criticized the U.S. Congress for the rejection of the budget, set the level of defense spending in the current fiscal year.

Political wrangling in Washington led to a partial government shutdown last month, a few hours after Mattis had outlined a new strategy to combat threats to the country and outlined the resources required to execute this strategy.

Tuesday Mattis testified before the Committee on armed services of the house of representatives and stated the need for full funding of the defense budget needed to execute the new strategy. His statements were made shortly before a possible new partial “shutdown” – the closure of the Federal government. Thursday at midnight is the deadline for temporary government funding. If at that time will not be entered into a new agreement on budgetary expenditures, the financing agencies and government programs will be partially suspended for the second time this year.

“I beg you not to let differences on domestic policy, to continue to hold hostage our country’s defence, said Mattis on Tuesday at a hearing of the Committee. We all know that America needs to secure the possibility of survival.”

Reviews of Mattis sounded a few hours before in the House of representatives was scheduled a vote on the budget bill. This bill proposes new temporary measures to Finance the greater part Federal government, but will fully Finance the defense Ministry in the amount of 700 billion dollars until the end of the current fiscal year.

It is expected that the bill will pass through the House of representatives but blocked in the Senate by Democrats who oppose the consideration of military expenditures excluding internal costs, not security related.

Mattis said that without adequate funding, the military will have to change their strategy to take on big risks, and they will continue to lose their benefits in every area of national security.

The Chairman of the Committee on armed services, house of representatives, Republican Mac Thornberry called the testimony of Mattis “sharp” and “most direct” warning that he had heard, on the question of necessity of adoption of the budget.

A senior Congressman, Democrat in the Committee, Adam Smith told Mattis that the government already has a debt of 21 trillion dollars and needs in the budget that can “meet” the overall needs of the country.