The head of the U.S. justice Department on efforts to combat the...

The head of the U.S. justice Department on efforts to combat the opioid epidemic


Глава Минюста США призвал к борьбе с опиоидной эпидемией

Jeff sessions said that the solution to the problem is based on three pillars: prevention, drug control and treatment

The head of the Ministry of justice Jeff sessions on Tuesday called opioid epidemic in the United States a vital issue, which needed “comprehensive antidote”.

Speaking at a conference of the National Alliance for the protection of children exposed to the drug threat (National Alliance For Drug Endangered Children) in green Bay, Wisconsin, sessions thanked the audience for educational efforts related to this problem.

“Our country, despite a record number of deaths, in my opinion, not quite aware of what damage we are causing this awful situation with drug addiction, he said. And, as you know, this epidemic is hurting the most innocent and vulnerable – our children. And yet in the national debate about drug abuse on these children too often forget.”

According to and Roman sessions, the solution must be based on “three pillars”: prevention, drug control and treatment. Schenz added that the phase of prevention, were discussed yesterday at a meeting with representatives from the highest levels of government, including the Secretary of state’s Rex Tillerson and chief of staff of the white house of John Kelly.

Earlier this month, President trump has promised that the US would “win” the battle against the epidemic of heroin and opioids, however, not declared a state of emergency, as recommended by the Commission created by it.