The HRC will collect data on provocateurs

The HRC will collect data on provocateurs


Human rights activists do not exclude that in unauthorized rallies on 26 March could participate in “political outcasts”

Photo: REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

The Council on human rights under the President of Russia (HRC) will prepare for the President a report on the unsanctioned rally, held on 26 March across the country. The members of the HRC believe that they could participate in “political outcasts” provoking the police on the aggressive actions and “discrediting law-abiding marchers”. Human rights defenders thus intend to show the President and civil society that the situation on 26 March could have used “for political instability in the country.” This, in particular, “Izvestia” said the Deputy Chairman of the HRC Evgeny Bobrov. Information about the events of March 26 collects Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova. Experts believe that society needs an objective document, which will reflect all aspects of an unauthorized action.

The Chairman of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov told “Izvestia” that while the details of the report early to speak — the work has just begun. However, the interlocutor of “Izvestia” in the HRC stated that the Council has already sent a request to the information resources reported on Sunday about the “illegal” detention of citizens, and also appealed to Resguardo, the mayor of Moscow and the Moscow GU Ministry of internal Affairs. The main purpose of references is to find out the exact number of detainees by police and guards on March 26. Now the HRC are waiting for that answer authorities and agencies, said one of the participants of the meeting of the constant Commission of SPCH on civil liberties and civic engagement.

Deputy Chairman of the HRC Evgeny Bobrov has informed “news” that not all members of the Council supported the appeal of their colleague Elena masuk, which declared invalid the actions of the police and the national guard during the arrest of the protesters.

— I believe that the position of the Elena masuk is based on subjective data, which do not allow to take a sober look at the big picture. In the presidential report, we should present all the data about what happened on March 26. Personally, I do not exclude that the procession was attended by political provocateurs who intends to provoke the police for aggressive behaviour and detention, — he told “Izvestia”.

Beavers stressed that the statement Elena masuk is a separate view of several members of the HRC and it is not the position of the entire Council. General statement of human rights defenders still being prepared and will likely be published on 31 March. It will exclude the subjective assessment of individual members of the Council.

The human rights activist noted that the mass participation in the actions on March 26 children and adolescents raises questions about the effectiveness of the state youth policy. To solve this problem, it is necessary to turn to the Soviet experience of youth involvement in apolitical community. Children will not become “victims of political intrigues and provocations,” and do not fall under the influence of “pseudo-patriotism”, said beavers.

That the shares could participate provocateurs, told “Izvestia” and a member of the HRC Sergey Krivenko — he was among those who supported the statement made by Elena Masyuk on the illegal actions of the police. The human rights activist noted that the Council only have to collect objective data.

— To prepare a presidential report it is important to create an objective picture of what happened. The fact that in the media a lot of facts about citizens, not involved in the stock, they just came out of the shops or cafes and then delayed. Rallies could be present and provocateurs. All the information about the incident must be analyzed, — said Krivenko “news”.

The head of the constant Commission of SPCH on civil liberties and civic engagement Nikolai Svanidze, in turn, noted that in this case the main task of the defenders is to display the truth in the report of the head of state.

Because of their functional responsibilities, we have their reactions broadcast to the President. This is our only administrative arm. The result of this work can only be a presidential decision on the situation. With this in mind we expect that our report will also affect civil society — said Svanidze “news”.

He said that the version about the involvement of provocateurs in fact, confirms the situation with beaten up by a Riot policeman. For clarification of all circumstances of the HRC, according to Svanidze, intends to engage in dialogue with all the authorities of regional and Federal value.

To clarify the situation and intention of the Commissioner for human rights under the President of Tatiana Moskalkova. She noted that the office of the Ombudsman and the HRC have different statuses, though, and working in one area — defending human and civil rights. That is why Moskalkova will collect data using functional tools.

— I sent an official request to the interior Ministry, the Moscow Prosecutor’s office and the mayor’s office with the appeal to provide information clarifying the circumstances of the incident on March 26, she said “news.”

According to experts, the company is waiting for objective reports on unauthorized actions on March 26.

The head of the “International Institute of the newest States” Alexei Martynov said that for him, the position of the presidential Board “is important” and he hopes for an objective presentation of the facts.

— The President has said at the Arctic forum that utilitarian use of the anti-corruption agenda to private interests — a phenomenon unacceptable. Nobody has anything against fighting corruption. Often, however, it becomes apparent that good slogans are used for selfish purposes. We’ve all seen a worsening in particular cities, when the political provocateurs tried to incite the crowd to police officers who, among other things, provided security and order in the streets, — has declared “news” Martynov.

Political analyst Abbas Gallyamov to influence the political process, the report should not be one-sided.

— It all depends on the content of the report. If it is unilateral, it is not enough for them who are interested. The mood of the protesters any impact it will have. If responsible will be identified and the protest organizers and law enforcement, it will be a more interesting option, with which will work for all parties, — said the expert.