The insulted and injured

The insulted and injured


Униженные и оскорбленные

Representatives of several States and international organizations expressed outrage at the statement of the President of trump on “the hole”

A number of politicians and diplomats called Donald trump a racist after he, according to unofficial reports, called “hole” (s…hole) African countries and Haiti, which arrived in the United States some immigrants.

Despite the fact that on Friday, trump has denied allegations of using abusive language against asylum seekers, it is condemned in many countries of Africa, Haiti, and El Salvador, as well as international human rights organizations.

The UN representative said that “it is impossible to describe the President’s words differently as racist.”

The African Union has stated that it is concerned about the “extremely racist” trump’s comments and demanded an apology.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Botswana summoned the U.S. Ambassador for an explanation and protested, calling trump’s words in a highly “irresponsible, reprehensible and racist.”

According to the U.S. state Department, foreign Minister of Senegal also summoned the American Ambassador in Dakar to Express dissatisfaction.

In Haiti, on the eighth anniversary of the devastating earthquake that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, the government has summoned a senior us diplomat and the Ambassador of Haiti in Washington called on President trump to apologize.

El Salvador has sent an official written protest of the United States, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of El Salvador said that a President trump “indirectly allowed the use of coarse vocabulary that demeans the dignity of El Salvador and other countries.”

The Vatican has called trump’s words “is especially rude and offensive”.