The Japanese company GMO Internet has developed a 12-nanometer chips for mining...

The Japanese company GMO Internet has developed a 12-nanometer chips for mining systems


The press service of the Japanese conglomerate reported that experts of the GMO Internet Group has completed the development of 12-nanometer mining chip Fin FET Compact (FFC). According to the creators, the chips won’t arrive, but will be an important transitional link on the way to creating a 7-nanometer chips, which the company intends to use for the production of ASIC devices.

The chips created in the first place will be designed to build capacity, and whether they do in sale, not yet reported. However, the PostScript at the bottom of the official statement on the official website says “some conditions may change without notice”, and it definitely means that at some point the developers might reconsider. Test 7-nanometer chips scheduled to begin in spring 2018.

A few years earlier, the company announced its intention to occupy a leading position in the sphere of mining cryptocurrencies and the technologies of the distributed registry. In 2016 developers are GMO Internet announced the launch of the blockchain platform that enables to build distributed applications based on Ethereum. In the same year, started a beta testing platform.

A year later the company built its own data center for mining, which became a feature of the use of renewable resources — thus GMO has significantly reduced the cost of mining cryptocurrency. The next step was the development of its own mining chips and the widespread introduction of technologies for distributed registry and promotion of the cryptocurrency among employees, which promised to pay a portion of their wages in Bitcoin.

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