The Japanese have been able! Overview headphone Audio-Technica ATH-CKR100iS

The Japanese have been able! Overview headphone Audio-Technica ATH-CKR100iS


The success of Audio-Technica is interesting to watch not only because the Japanese “know the sound”. Over the last few years, they gave the market Hi-End than one or two interesting models of the headphones — take the same MSR7, SR9 or series Art Monitor. Succeeded the manufacturer, and among earbuds: long time model ATH-CKR10 has won the ears of fans of high-quality audio, and last fall in the Audio-Technica ripe to release updated model ATH-CKR100iSthat today we have to review.

This new dynamic model of earbuds from Audio-Technica, which is equipped with a two-phase push-pull drivers push-pull. The point is that the dynamics in this case is not simply “stand” on top of each other and located opposite and connected in opposite phase, because it allows them to constantly monitor the emitted material. Simply put, a single speaker “helps” the other, and they partially compensate each other.

To be honest, the manufacturer was intrigued by the description of used technologies, but more on that later — first, briefly go over the features and see how these headphones look.


  • Emitter: 2 x 13 mm, dynamic
  • Sensitivity: 107 dB
  • Impedance: 80Ω
  • Frequency range: 5 Hz – 45 kHz
  • Cable: removable, with A2DC connectors and remote, 1.2 m
  • Microphone type:Condenser/li>
  • Weight: 14 g

The package

Despite the apparent the premium orientation of the headphone, complete with ATH-CKR100iS won’t find something amazing, but at the same time all you need is put. This silicone sleeves sizes XS, S, M and L (Yes, the “foam” is not put), as well as a solid leather case to store and transport the headphones. All this is neatly packaged in a stylish box made of thick cardboard. The proud sticker Hi-Res Audio suggests that we really the headphones can give quality sound.


Appearance of new items is very different from the previous model. Here we are met with more classic designs, through which headphones look solid — to wear these on my morning run and with a business suit. Black color blends perfectly with the gold accents and the logo of Audio-Technica neatly placed on the side.

Headphone size not big enough — still more than 13 mm drivers give their, in this reinforcing headphones win, because they allow you to put your “stuffing” in a more compact package. But the use of titanium with the high stiffness as a material body allowed to eliminate unwanted resonance.

In the ears headphones are much the predecessors that not only makes it comfortable to wear them for a long time, but also has a positive effect on sound insulation. In tandem with the construction of the housing, which positions the drivers for optimal performance, it works great. By the way, for better soundproofing and landing is very important individually to adjust the headphones using the supplied ear cushions, we are the best for yourself found size M.

The cable should sing separate praises because it not just removable (and this is important for those who love to indulge in custom cables), but also has a newly developed connectors A2DC (Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial). Microphone effect at all, the wire does not harden in the cold and not entangled in prospectively balls. It consists of two separate cables with four stars (one for the left channel, the other right). Yes, if lying around the house cable with MMCX, he’s not right, but technology is moving forward, so it is inevitable.

Another feature of the cable panel is equipped with a microphone and button to answer/end call and control music playback. Even better if you use headphones paired with a smartphone, however, the maximum of their potential, they will open with portable audio player.

Technology and sound

Extended frequency response (45 kHz — it is powerful) is achieved at the expense of the drivers are push-pull as they reduce intermodulation distortion. Aluminum stabilizer provides linear displacement of the diaphragm — it allows to reproduce high-resolution audio. In General, the Audio-Technica for the full job of technological equipment ATH-CKR100iS, than also is caused not low price headphones (more on this later).

We did not stand on ceremony, and immediately put the headphones not the phone, and to a portable player Astell&Kern MKII AK70. With a device of this level (and above) the audition ATH-CKR100iS a real pleasure. For example, collected a few songs.

Before listening headphones were heated for 48 hours.

Deep Purple — Smoke On The Water. This track is very good to evaluate the ability of the headphone to the hard drive of the guitar, technical solos and piercing vocals. The voice sounds very rich, with the background guitar is a little lost. Electronic organ gracefully complements the song, not loading unnecessary shades.

The Weeknd — Can’t Feel My Face. Again faced with very cool vocals, but this track we included in the first place, in order to check how headphones behave at low frequencies. Bases sounds very deep and not “buzzing”, with its many, sometimes even too. For pop music and hip-hop it is not lost, even the “high” vocals, as is often the case.

Rebecca Ferguson — Fine And Mellow. Graceful Blues performed by famous British singer literally causes chills to run down the skin, it is possible to analyze separately each instrument — from keyboard to saxophone. And this time, not to mention strong vocals.

In General, headphones are a universal genre. Except that classical music sounds a little harsh, but it disappears after warming up. The sound is natural, there is a slight emphasis on the low frequencies without compromising crystal-clear middle and top.


Admittedly, at Audio-Technica have made a great successor in the face headphones ATH-CKR100iS. They can be safely called a top plug-in headphones the company because they can do that with many other devices to provide hard (the main thing — to choose a good source). Therefore, the price of their “flagship” — about 25 thousand rubles.

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