The jury cannot agree on a verdict in the case of Turkish...

The jury cannot agree on a verdict in the case of Turkish banker


Присяжные не могут согласовать вердикт по делу турецкого банкира

The US authorities accused Mehmet Hakan Attila the fraud with the purpose of circumventing us sanctions against Iran

The jury hearing the case of Turkish banker Mehmet Hakan Attila, on Wednesday addressed the court with a question: what to do if they agree with only some of the charges?

Attila takes a leading position in the Turkish Bank Halkbank and is suspected of helping Iran to circumvent US sanctions. In the USA he was charged with Bank fraud, money laundering, and four separate allegations of conspiracy. District judge Richard Berman said that the jury recommends to continue the discussion and try to reach a verdict on all charges.

The Grand jury is the fourth day of the meeting in the case of Attila, which caused tensions between the US and Turkey.

Central to the case is the testimony of a Turkish-Iranian businessman Reza Zarrab, who pleaded guilty to sanctions violations and agreed to testify by the us prosecutors.

Zarrab said that Atilla helped to develop the false gold transactions and food products that have allowed Iran to spend the funds received from the sale of oil and gas abroad, including through U.S. financial institutions, to bypass the sanctions.

Zarrab also made it clear that the scheme was involved, Turkish officials including President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

To comments about the trial from the representative of Erdogan’s failed. The President himself publicly criticized the case criticism, calling it politically motivated.

Attila, who was arrested in March, denies all the charges against him. The leadership of Halkbank – which occupies the sixth place in Turkey in terms of assets is also denied that the Bank was involved in any illegal transactions. The Prosecutor’s office of the southern Federal district of new York, investigating the case, has filed criminal charges on the case of nine persons, however, arrested by the US authorities was only 34 years Zarrab and 47-year-old Atilla.