The Kremlin confirmed receipt of a letter from trump’s lawyer about a...

The Kremlin confirmed receipt of a letter from trump’s lawyer about a construction project


Кремль подтвердил получение письма от юриста Трампа о строительном проекте

Peskov said that he had received a letter from Michael Cohen, but did not answer him and did not discuss it with Putin

Russian authorities have confirmed that an adviser to Donald trump contacted them about the suspended construction of a skyscraper in Moscow during the election campaign of 2016.

Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday that he received an email from a personal trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen on the resumption of construction “of trump Tower” in Moscow.

“I confirm that we are among the total volume of mails and this came from Mr. Michael Cohen. It really was,” said Sands, answering the journalists ‘ questions in Moscow.

According to Peskov, he didn’t answer a letter, as this issue is not within the competence of the press Secretary, and discussed this subject with Putin.

Cohen told the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives investigating Russian intervention in last year’s elections that trump’s company attempted to resume construction project in Moscow. According to documents filed with Congress on Monday a request for assistance was received from Cohen to Peskov in January 2016.

“Because this project is very important, I ask you for assistance. I respectfully ask that someone, preferably you, contact me to discuss specific details and to arrange meetings with relevant people,” wrote Cohen.

According to the lawyer, the project was suspended for a number of reasons.

Letter Cohen is the most obvious example of trying to communicate with a senior representative of the Russian government by the approximate trump.

International conglomerate trump’s Trump Organization on Monday issued a statement on the matter.

“To clarify the situation, the Trump Organization has never been real estate or interests in Russia”, – said in a statement. Two years ago, trump had signed a non-binding “letter of intent” on the project in Moscow.