The launch of the Falcon Heavy is scheduled for 6 February

The launch of the Falcon Heavy is scheduled for 6 February


The head of the company SpaceX Elon Musk said via his account in Twitter that the first launch of new rocket super-heavy class Falcon Heavy will take place on 6 February. The announcement came three days after a successful static burn of the rocket engines installed at the launch site Pad 39A, Kennedy Space center in Florida. Musk briefly noted that the tests were “good”, but no further details, neither he nor the company has provided.

“Preparing to launch Falcon Heavy, on 6 February from the launch site Pad 39A, Kennedy Space center. For those who want to watch will be great,” Musk wrote on Twitter.

Head of SpaceX does not have a specific start time, but the portal citing its sources reported that the company has reserved three to four-hour launch window is from 13:30 Eastern time. As a backup option is selected the following day (7 February), if weather and other factors will not allow you to launch immediately.

Earlier in his comments about successful static burn of the engines of the launch vehicle, the Falcon Heavy, Musk said that the launch could take place “in about a week.” In other words, by February 6, SpaceX will manage to carry out all necessary preparations of the rocket. Before launching the Falcon Heavy SpaceX is going to launch on January 30 launch vehicle Falcon 9 with the communication satellite GovSat-1 on Board.

Since the launch of the Falcon Heavy will be the test, the lack of operational payload allows you to keep the launch window open. As a simulation of the payload to the launch vehicle will use the electric Tesla Roadster that Elon Musk has decided to donate in the name of good causes back in December of last year, promising to launch the vehicle in geostationary orbit around Mars.

Given the nature of the test run, Musk has previously said that expectations should be appropriate.

“There is a high probability that the spacecraft will not be launched into orbit. I want everyone to understand this and not illusions,” said Musk in July last year, participating in the Conference on scientific developments and research aboard the International space station.

“However, inviting people to come down to Cape Canaveral and look at the first launch of the carrier rocket Falcon Heavy. I guarantee that the show will be amazing.”

Despite the fact that launch day is already chosen, the company still has not received the necessary permission to conduct his office issues a commercial space transportation. Typically, this permit is issued for a few days before launch.

Many people around the world are waiting for this historic launch, because the Falcon Heavy will be the biggest booster of the United States, taking the place of the previous leader – “Saturn-5”. The excitement around the upcoming launch such that the Kennedy Space center even gave tickets to people wanting to look at him with the most comfortable seats.

The price of the most expensive ticket is $ 195 per person. By paying this amount, anyone will be able to see the launch from the Apollo/Saturn V Center – the nearest observation point. The price also includes “premium buffet with champagne and snacks”. For $ 115 people will be allowed in the center for guests and visitors, but after you start to expect “a party with a DJ, beach games, gifts and many others.”