The main innovation iPhone X failed at the first public showing

The main innovation iPhone X failed at the first public showing


The failure at presentation

The facial recognition system user FaceID, which is equipped with the just introduced iPhone X, failed on the first public demonstration. Theoretically the owner of the smartphone is enough to look at the screen to make the system “learned” his face and unlock the device. However, when the iPhone X’s senior Vice President of Apple’s Craig Federighi (Craig Federighi) on stage tried to unlock the device, the recognition system has not worked. “Let’s try again,” Federighi told the audience. The second time he succeeded.

A video that captures this moment, it was posted on the web. Some Internet users have attempted to protect and Federighi, and iPhone X: in their opinion, the device has just been rebooted, and the user had to enter a password to activate your FaceID. Touch ID on the iPhone of the previous generation works in a similar way.

Reliable if FaceID?

As explained by Apple, the work FaceID uses an infrared camera is a difficult design to hold a markup of the face, and then the artificial intelligence determines whether it is the face of the user. FaceID resembles Windows Hello, a similar facial recognition system that Microsoft launched on devices collection Surface in 2015

Craig Federighi demonstrates the layout of human faces