The media learned about the threat of demolition of the residential complex...

The media learned about the threat of demolition of the residential complex “Shuvalovsky” and Dominion


Residential complex “Shuvalovsky”

Photo: Natalia Volkova / Lori

Rosreestr is trying to get the court to recognize the illegal construction on the land of the MSU residential complex “Shuvalovsky” and Dominion with an area of 800 thousand sq. m. It was the major projects implemented by the company “Inteko” belonging to Elena Baturina

In 2015, the office rosreestra Moscow found that in 2008 122 hectares of land MSU was up for residential and commercial real estate — there was erected residential estates “Shuvalovsky” and Dominion, reports “Kommersant”.

Now Rosreestr in the courts trying to achieve recognition of this illegal construction, learned newspaper. On these public lands, which are in termless using the Moscow state University (MSU), allowed the construction of a new complex of buildings of Moscow state University.

Residential development beginning ZAO Inteko, owned at the time, Yelena Baturina. In 2011, she sold the company BIN group. Under the terms of the contract, the developer was freed from the creation of the engineering infrastructure, but in return funded the construction of the new library and other facilities of Moscow state University.

The decision of the capital government about the possibility of construction of residential complexes in the Moscow state University was signed by the then mayor Yuri Luzhkov in 2004, clarifies the issue.

As the newspaper has found out from court records, the Federal registration service has demanded from the Moscow state University by September 2016 to eliminate violations. “That is, the Federal registration service actually recognized objects placed on the disputed land, unauthorized constructions and ordered to demolish them,” — writes the edition.

Residential complex Dominion

Photo: Oksana Aleshina / Photobank Lori

If MSU can’t prove in court the legitimacy of the construction, in the worst case, the officials will require you to carry objects not related to the educational process, in the best to pay at least 2 billion rubles of a penalty.

The case reached the cassation instance of the arbitration court, which sent him to a new trial. The court justified its decision by the fact that the lower courts had to examine the lawfulness of housing on this site. In Rosreestra said, the newspaper that MSU did not provide evidence of the legality of the construction of housing in this location.

As told “Kommersant” one of the officials of the municipality, the commercial development had to move only a part of the disputed 122 hectares, and not the whole site. According to him, if MSU fails to prove his innocence, there will be a serious problem, because in shuvalovskiy and Dominion all apartments are sold out.

In January 2015, RBC wrote that MSU is a large-scale expansion: on the territory of more than 240 hectares in the prestigious area between Vernadsky and Michurinsky Avenue to the end of 2018 should arise the scientific and technological valley of the Moscow state University, where in addition to academic buildings and dormitories may be built at least 550 thousand square meters of housing. The project is estimated at not less than 110 billion rubles ($1.7 billion).