The Minister of agriculture appointed a “successor»

The Minister of agriculture appointed a “successor»


Министр сельского хозяйства США назначен «преемником»

This tradition emerged in the era of “cold war»

Sonny Perdue, the Minister of agriculture of the United States, was absent in the session hall of Congress during the President’s speech of Donald trump. Purdue was appointed a “successor” – a member of the Administration, which should be located away from Washington to be able to take over the leadership of the country in the event of a disaster.

This tradition emerged during the cold war, when there was a risk of Soviet nuclear attack.

One member of the Administration trump had no right to be appointed a “successor” transport Minister Helen Chao, who was born in Taiwan and, according to the US Constitution, has no right to hold the office of President.

The Minister appointed a “successor”, is sent to an unspecified place outside of Washington. Before his departure he receives all the information and authorizations that may be required to perform the duties of the commander in chief.