The Ministers of the United States and Mexico discussed the border

The Ministers of the United States and Mexico discussed the border


Министры США и Мексики обсудили вопрос о границе

In Mexico city, the delegation visited USA

Secretary of state Michael Pompeo made that conveyed to the leaders of Mexico, the US position regarding border security.

Pompeo visited Mexico city for meetings with leaders of the outgoing and new administrations. After the talks, he said that the United States “aimed at achieving real progress, to achieve security on both sides of the border.” He also stressed the need to establish a fair and mutually beneficial trade relations.

One of the campaign promises of Donald trump was building a wall on the border with Mexico to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. Trump also promised that the construction of the wall will pay Mexico.

The delegation of the USA in addition to Pompeo, was represented by the Minister of internal security, Kirsten Nielsen and Advisor to the President Jared Kushner.

The meeting was attended by the current Minister of foreign Affairs of Mexico Luis Videgaray Caso and Marcelo Casabon, which the President-elect Andres Lopez Obrador intends to appoint the head of the foreign Ministry.

Louis Videgaray Caso said that Mexican leaders have expressed concern about the U.S. policy on the separation of parents and children, have illegally crossed the border.