The Ministry of economic development was excluded from investment

The Ministry of economic development was excluded from investment


The authority for planning and financing of Federal target programs are going to transfer to the Ministry of Finance

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The MOF can obtain control over the planning of public investment. The extension of the powers of the office of Anton Siluanov is likely to occur after the inventory of Federal target programs, which should be completed in April. About it have informed “news” a Federal official, the fact that the discussion confirmed the Ministry of economic development (MED). In the case of a transfer of powers to the Ministry of Finance will be fully responsible for investment planning.

Until the end of April the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of economic development will conduct a global review of all Federal target programs (FTP), the results of which some of them can be closed. The result of this work can also be reducing the volume administered by the MAYOR of works and the transition of authority to investment planning in the Ministry of Finance, told “Izvestia” a knowledgeable Federal official.

— Inventory of the Federal program will reduce their number. There is really a number of them you just have to close. This means that the configuration of the investment and the total amount administered will change. The Ministry of Finance have repeatedly expressed the intention to take all powers for investment, arguing that the budget should be in the same hands, the official said, adding that the debate about it is “for many years”.

Employee of the Ministry of economic development confirmed the words of Federal officials of the existence of such discussions, but added that documenting is not.

— Such talks among the employees of the Department of Federal target programs and capital investments, but the documents no no. If the authority for investment does decide to transfer to the Ministry of Finance, the relevant documents will appear only after the audit all Federal program, and not before, — said the MAYOR.

The position of the Department of Federal target programs and capital investments, the MAYOR said that this structural unit is responsible for the formation of the Federal program, the allocation of budget funds for their implementation, the development of the Federal targeted investment programme (FTIP). The Department is responsible for developing state policy in the field of investment, approves the draft documents on the budget investments in objects of capital construction of state ownership and maintains the register of investment projects.

According to Federal officials, the Ministry of Finance insists that “the budget should be one boss, and the idea of forming a budget according to the program principle does not imply the presence of two responsible bodies”.

— Apparently, after the contract system in the Ministry of Finance will flow and investment, said the Federal official.

Another source close to the Ministry of economic development has not excluded that the office may be divided in half, the Department of budget planning and public programs “budget” part also goes to the Ministry of Finance.

— It is likely that the Department budget planning and government programs will be divided in half and half, which is responsible for budget planning, the Ministry of Finance will give. Why the Ministry of economic development budget planning, when working on the budget the Ministry of Finance? As for state programmes, the Ministry engaged in the methodology of their construction. These functions are, most likely, the MAYOR will remain, says a source close to the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin.

Associate Professor of Economics and Finance, Russian presidential Academy of national economy and public administration (Ranepa) Alisen Alicanov notes that the discussion about the ineffectiveness of the Federal program and the cost of them being over the last decade.

— We first plan a lot, then understand that no money for that, and those that are already allocated, has been spent inefficiently. It would therefore be logical to transfer the development of Federal target programs in the Ministry of Finance to plan as many events, how much is enough money. But economic development must be allowed to coordinate Federal program, the Agency should look, how the planned activities meet the Federal program in its macroeconomic forecast — says Alisen Alonenow.

Professor International College of Economics and Finance, HSE, Maxim Nikitin, on the contrary, I am convinced that over planning and spending must meet two different agencies.

— In an ideal world, the investments should meet the different departments. One of their plans, and the other provides them. But when the Minister suddenly finds himself under house arrest, it is clear that the weight of the hardware it departments is reduced. In my opinion, the Ministry of Finance should be responsible for the expenditure of money, — said Maxim Nikitin.

In a press-service of the Ministry of Finance said that with the described proposals are not familiar with. The press service of the Ministry of economic development on the request of “Izvestia” said that information about upcoming changes do not have.

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