The Ministry of industry and trade will support the production of synthetic...

The Ministry of industry and trade will support the production of synthetic school uniforms


The Agency will provide a subsidy to producers of children’s costumes from poliviskozy

Photo: urban news Agency “Moscow”Andrey Lyubimov

The Ministry of industry and trade will support manufacturers of suiting fabric for school uniforms from poliviskozy. As told in Department, the Ministry is preparing the documents to provide subsidies to such enterprises. It is assumed that they will receive support along with receiving her earlier manufacturers of natural fabrics.

That the producers of chemical fabrics for school uniform can receive state support, “Izvestia” was told in the press service of the Ministry of industry and trade.

— Implementation of proposed measures will contribute to the goals and objectives of the programs of the government of the Russian Federation on economic and technological development and import substitution in light industry, — said the Agency.

Please specify manufacturers of school uniforms have received state aid before, but subsidies could count only the producers of natural worsted fabrics.

— It is assumed the provision of subsidies for compensation of losses in income resulting from the production of not only worsted, but polyviscose fabrics for the manufacture of clothing students in the primary grades, — reported in Department.

As told “Izvestia”, the General Director of “Lakis” (one of the largest manufacturers of school uniforms) Elena Sitnikova in 2016 on the fabric for school uniform has been allocated 600 million rubles of subsidies (only for worsted fabrics). In 2017 to support manufacturers of forms are provided only 400 million rubles, and they will probably have to divide between producers and natural and chemical fabrics.

She also added that the Director of Department of development of inner trade, light industry and legalization of turnover of products of the Ministry of industry and trade Evgeny Ryzhov at one of the meetings with sectoral managers said that the priority of light industry in Russia — development of the chemical industry.

— We don’t want in this direction to develop a school uniform. It requires the development of wool sector has criticized the decision of the officials of Elena Sitnikova.

In praising the Ministry of industry and trade of chemical fabrics. According to officials, for example, viscose “gives fabric softness, hygroscopicity, ability of air permeability” and polyester “adds durability, resistance to deformation and stretching.”

— The basis for the viscose fabric is a cellulose — wood is dissolved to a liquid state and pull out fibers to tissue. It turns out 60% of the organic base and, therefore, breathable. Polyester — comfortable, high-quality, but it is not in contact with the body. Use it in a school uniform is a good solution because it is strong, and students moving, always running, polyester will not tear. In addition, the polyester base oil. As in Russia it is enough, we will be able to produce its own cloth, not in need of imports, — said the President of the Association of textile workers of Shamkhal Ildarov.

We will note, last summer ANO “Rascacielo” (established by government of the Russian Federation) conducted a study of school uniforms. It turned out that in 80% of the fabrics of clothing for students increased content of polyester. The survey stated that because of this clothing badly passes air and absorbs moisture.

The President of the Russian Union of entrepreneurs of textile and light industry Andrey Razbrodin (one of the initiators of distribution of subsidies for polyviscose tissue) noted that “it is impossible to say that synthetic is bad and natural fiber is good.”

— All you need to do professionally, then all will be well. You need to have the right standards, to do everything by technologies, — said Andrey Razbrodin.

We will remind, the Ministry of industry has been developing a standard for school uniforms.

As has noted “news” in the CPS, according to current regulations school uniform must be comfortable, convenient, and freedom of movement of the child, to match the size and also be easy on the body (not hard, not barbed). They added that there are requirements hygroscopicity, breathability, durability of the color and toxicity of baby clothes. On the requirements to the origin of the tissue in the office is not mentioned.

The Director of the Center for the study of regional reforms of the Institute of applied economic research Ranhigs, Alexander Deryugin said to subsidize that, “what’s in demand — is senseless”, noting that Russian consumers are so popular and things made of synthetic fabrics.