The Ministry of justice registered the company in charge of RT as...

The Ministry of justice registered the company in charge of RT as a foreign agent


Минюст зарегистрировал компанию, отвечающую за деятельность RT, как иностранного агента

According to officials, the Americans have a right to know who in the US is acting in the interests of foreign leaders

The organization responsible for the production of American programs Russian state broadcaster RT, officially registered by the U.S. justice Department as a foreign agent.

T&R Productions, was registered on 10 Nov as the agent of the organization ANO TV-Novosti, is classified in documents as non-governmental organization.

The U.S. justice Department has described the ANO TV-Novosti the Russian government as the body responsible for broadcasting, carried out by RT throughout the world.

As noted in the statement of the Ministry of justice, T&R Productions provides RT Studio to work, hires and pays all of the RT employees living in the United States, and RT broadcasts in English.

“Americans have a right to know who operates in the United States, seeking to influence the United States government and the (American) society, at the behest of foreign leaders,” said acting Deputy inspector General for national security, Dan Bente.