The Ministry of transport facilitates the process of getting car insurance

The Ministry of transport facilitates the process of getting car insurance


All the data for processing compensation in an accident the insurers will get automatically

Photo: TASS/Dmitry Serebryakov

The Ministry of transport proposes to simplify the registration of papers about road accident without participation of police officers (the procedure is called the “europrotocol”). For this purpose we developed a draft of the order to change the existing 2014 rules provide information about the accident to the insurer and requirements for technical means of verification set out in the relevant government decree.

It is expected that from January 2017 at avtostroy companies will have the opportunity to learn about all circumstances of road accidents in the automatic mode in unadjusted form. It is, in particular, the information about the speed and acceleration of the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Recall that the possibility of registration of documents on the Euro Protocol exists in Russia since 2009. Among the conditions of its design is involved in an accident no more than two cars, no damage to life and health, property of third parties, as well as the absence between the drivers of differences in the circumstances of the incident. President of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) Igor Jurgens recalls that the limit of payments on the Euro Protocol is currently 50 thousand rubles.

— A resolution in which it is planned to amend, with effect from October 2014. Its preparation and adoption were associated with the fact that from 1 October 2014 the limit of the insurance payment in case of registration of road accident without participation of police officers in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, the Moscow and Leningrad regions increased to 400 thousand rubles, — he said.

The application of this limit, according to him, is possible in cases when the insurance company receives information about the circumstances of the accident recorded using technical means of verification, which, in turn, provide unadjusted registration information.

— The resolution just establishes the rules for the provision of such information to the insurer. This procedure is often called “unlimited Euro Protocol”, — explained the “Izvestia” Jurgens.

But, under the current version of the normative act, the payment of “unlimited Euro Protocol” is provided on the basis provided for victims of electronic media with photos.

This procedure is, as has been pointed out by PCA, does not meet the requirements of the law on correctionmode information that can be used in the settlement, — said Jurgens.

The final version of the draft decree of the Ministry of transport has not yet been published. However, in the description of new instrument since its entry into force will be able to prevent including the growth of fraud in insurance.

In the Russian Union of motor insurers hope that the document will take into account all their suggestions. In particular, the ability to automatically transfer data on accidents recorded by the on-Board device after tapping the victim on the special button (if such button is provided).

— It is not about the button of emergency call services, and some additional button “Evroprotokol”, — said the President of the Union.

He said that the onboard units transmit information about accidents in the state automated information system (GAIS) “ERA-GLONASS”, and then it enters the compulsory insurance system (AIS RAMI).

— In fact, in one vehicle unit provides a symbiosis of two functionals — fixing and data transmission about the accident for the settlement in the framework of the “unlimited Euro Protocol” and the emergency call services via GAIS “ERA-GLONASS” — said Jurgens.

At the same time, it is obvious that the use of such devices will take some time.

— To ensure that the provision of the law on insurance regarding the “unlimited Euro Protocol” with the use of crash data received from technical means of control, in fact, earned in the near future, RSA insists that the decree provided for a transitional period during which data transfer “from the Board” in the AIS SAR will be made without the participation of GAIS “ERA-GLONASS”, — said the head of the Union of insurers. In his opinion, such a period it is advisable to install prior to July 1, 2017.

In addition, RSA offered to provide an opportunity to retrofit previously installed all the necessary device to transfer data via GAIS “ERA-GLONASS”. That is, those on-Board devices that are now installed on vehicles and are used for example as anti-theft systems could be used to transmit data, the procedure of “unlimited europrotocol”.

The expert center “Traffic without danger” positively estimate idea to transfer to insurers information about the accident in the automatic mode, noting that its main goal is to make life easier for motorists and reduce the clearance time of the accident.

— We believe that it is consistent work of RSA to create a comfortable environment for motorists, which has already produced its first results: the creation of the electronic insurance policy, Bureau of insurance stories and evroprotokol — said the President of the center Natalia Agra.

She also noted that the popularity of europrotocol is constantly increasing.

— Today nearly 30% of road accident are made. In the first half of 2016, the proportion of drivers who arrange an accident with the use of the Euro Protocol (that is, without calling the police), the whole of Russia increased and amounted to 29.1%. In the first half of 2015, this share was equal to 11.9 per cent, by the end of 2015 — 17.9 percent, she said.

In PCA are sure that more willing to the procedure of europrotocol, the owners began to resort in connection with a massive information campaign and changes to the rules of the road directing to vacate the roadway and not to create traffic jams.

According to SAR, the amount of payments on the Euro Protocol in the framework of direct damages in January-June 2016 $ 4,315 billion, which is 3.3 times more than the same period of 2015 (1,305 billion). The number of payments also increased more than doubled, reaching 198 thousand, against 83 thousand in the first half of last year. The average payment when making evroprotokola 21.8 thousand (previous year 15.7 thousand rubles).