The Ministry will help private industrial parks

The Ministry will help private industrial parks


Commercial industrial site will be able together with the state to obtain reimbursement of infrastructure costs

Photo: TASS/Egor Aleev

The Ministry has developed rules for granting subsidies to the management companies to build the infrastructure of industrial parks. If you still have to return the investment in the infrastructure of the industrial Park funds could only state-owned companies, now such possibility is provided for commercial and industrial parks. The Ministry of industry and trade emphasize that additional funds for these purposes from the budget will be required.

The draft government resolution “On approval of rules of granting subsidies from the Federal budget and management companies for compensation of expenses on creation of infrastructure of industrial (industrial) parks, technology parks and industrial” successfully passed the procedure of public discussion, have informed “news” in Association of industrial parks. This information was confirmed in the Department of regional industrial policy Minpromtorga.

The Deputy Director of Department, Denis Tsukanov said that the project provides an opportunity for private industrial parks to reimburse the money spent in the creation of the Park. The refund will be equal to the amount paid by residents taxes. Return funds will be for the previous three years.

— That is, unprofitable projects and no subsidies will be. If the project is effective, there are residents and pay taxes to the Federal budget, in the framework of this decision are given the opportunity these taxes back. But first they have to pay, — said Denis Tsukanov.

He stressed that the implementation of the project budget expenditures not required, the Treasury will receive less revenue in the amount of taxes that will be returned to the management companies, parks.

The Association reminds that industrial parks are already using various preferences and subsidies from the government. So, in 2014, the Ministry of industry and trade had a program in which the state has provided for the management companies of industrial parks with subsidised interest rates, that is actually a reimbursement of the costs of servicing loans. In 2015, there is another program that provides direct reimbursement to regional budgets of the cost of creation of industrial parks in the amount of taxes received in the budget from their residents. But about this measure only Gasparov.

Despite the fact that about half of the parks are now private, we observe that the state with its subsidies only to state parks. Thus, a private investor, which creates exactly the same socio-economic effect, is at a disadvantage. I don’t think the state considers private investment in infrastructure is wrong. It is a bias that should be corrected, — the head of the Association of Denis Zhuravsky.

The majority of the respondents “News” participants of the market consider the initiative of the Ministry of industry and trade useful. This point of view, for example, adhere to the Director of commercial real estate, ZAO “YIT St. PETERSBURG” (the regional division of the Finnish construction company YIT, implemented in the Leningrad region the project for the construction of the industrial Park Greenstate) Maksim Sobolev commercial Director of the industrial Park “Stupino-1” V. Shatalin.

However, Maxim Sobolev doubts that his company will take the opportunity, because, in his opinion, the process of obtaining state support “severely bureaucratic”. Therefore, he believes that the return costs will be difficult.

We weigh the pros and cons, but hope while not powered, — said a top Manager.

The CEO of the Corporation of development of the Stavropol territory (from the absolute level of state participation) Samir Abdurahimov, told “Izvestia” that the Corporation has already prepared all the documents for reimbursement of expenses in the amount of 384 million rubles — this amount was formed from the taxes paid by residents of the regional industrial Park for the last three years. Although the Corporation had to overcome some difficulties before the paperwork — for example, to change the form of ownership of GUP with to LLC.

However, in terms of giving the same opportunities of private industrial parks Abdurahimov opposes this initiative.

— Let’s say sometime in the 1990s, the entrepreneur bought for some strange scheme the old plant. And then there is such a program. So, you can inject money into its infrastructure in its assets. Plus — what stops you from creating affiliated businesses in its database, you can engage in activities and paying taxes, again to get them back on the development of their own infrastructure? he says.

At state parks, in his opinion, the other problem: their efforts are aimed at development of priority sectors of the economy, and business parks work to their own profit.