The Navy has suspended the search for the missing sailors from the...

The Navy has suspended the search for the missing sailors from the ship “John McCain”


ВМС приостановили поиски пропавших моряков с корабля «Джон Маккейн»

One out of ten missing persons are identified and declared dead

The U.S. Navy on Thursday suspended the search for the sailors lost in the collision of the destroyer “John McCain” with a commercial vessel, identifying one dead and nine missing.

“After more than 80 hours international rescue and relief operations, the U.S. Navy has suspended the search for the missing sailors of the ship “John McCain” on an area of about 2100 square miles East of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore”, – reported on the website of the Seventh fleet of the United States.

The United States authorities are trying to establish the cause of the collision of the USS with the Liberian oil tanker in the Straits of Malacca. In the photos, the Navy is seen the hole punched in the side of the ship below the waterline. As a result of this hole flooded several residential and working ship compartments.

Dead sailor was identified as 22-year-old electronic equipment technician 3rd class Kenneth Aaron Smith of new Jersey.

In June, the collision of the American military ship “Fitzgerald” with a commercial vessel off the coast of Japan, killing seven American sailors. The captain of the ship was dismissed. As expected, further sanctions will follow after the end of the proceedings, which revealed that the clash was promoted to crew errors.

The destroyer “John McCain” was named after the father and grandfather of Senator John McCain, who were the admirals of the Navy. The Senator also served in the Navy and spent six years in captivity during the Vietnam war.