The new year brought record cold to some areas of the US

The new year brought record cold to some areas of the US


Новый год принес рекордные морозы в некоторые районы США

The cold weather has killed at least two people

Biting cold to the bone gripped the middle part of the United States in the new year’s eve, putting the temperature records. Inclement weather caused the deaths of at least two people.

The national weather service has issued warnings about the threat of hypothermia under the influence of wind for the vast territory of the United States from southern Texas to Canada and from Montana and Wyoming in the West to New England in Northern Maine.

In the power of the dangerously low temperatures were eight States of the Midwest, including parts of Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Nebraska, and virtually all of Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota.

According to meteorologists, in Omaha, Nebraska, shortly before midnight, was recorded temperature is -26 degrees Celsius, which was a record low figure since 1884, and in the early hours of 1 January, the temperature continued to drop. And together with temperature it is necessary to consider the effect of the blowing cold wind. Last week, authorities in Omaha, referring to the weather, postponed 18th annual fireworks show, which was held on the eve of the New year, which usually attracts about 30 thousand people.

In des Moines, Iowa, it was even colder: temperatures on Monday night dropped to -29 degrees, but with Windchill felt like -35. The city authorities have discontinued an outdoor skating rink, stating that work will resume only after warming.

The perceived temperature in Duluth, Minnesota, is known for freezing weather, down to -38 with the wind. Above the Upper lake was steaming when the ship passed through the Harbor where the cold water was covered with ice.

A woman from Indianapolis is in critical condition after being surrounded by snow and ice lost orientation and turned his car in the wrong direction, driving 45 meters on the surface of the pond, then the car fell through the ice. This was reported by the television station WISH TV. The woman managed to contact the emergency services, but the phone died when the ice cracked.

The medical examiner’s office Milwaukee County reported that on Sunday had found the bodies of two men with signs of hypothermia. The body of a man older than 50 years was found lying on the ground in the narrow street. The other victim was 34 years old. Was conducted the autopsies of both men.

The annual swim in the icy water, to be held on Monday at the Bradford beach on lake Michigan, may be more dangerous than usual. About it the representative of the city authorities told the newspaper Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. It is expected that by noon, when it should begin to swim, the temperature will be -13 degrees.

“You’ll get hypothermia, said chief fire battalion Milwaukee Eric Roden. All want time in my life to dive into the icy water. Unfortunately, this can cause a lot of harm”.