The New year can be useful to food?

The New year can be useful to food?


In anticipation of the New year many want to treat yourself with new devices, and even when the holidays will be behind us, the atmosphere will still remain for some time. Besides buying something before the New year is not only in the case if you need gifts, it’s a great opportunity to grab lots of useful devices discounts. So we decided not to do all the usual selection of gifts for the New year, and found really useful and interesting device for the geeks that are perfect for holiday shopping.

So, for example, a cool bundle of virtual reality helmet VR and PlayStation camera can be purchased for $ 299 instead of the usual $ 400. Hooked up to their console — and forward to drive in Gran Turismo so if you really are on a race track.

Half throw on an interesting piece, as the turntable is only 6,000 rubles instead of 12 000. Natural wood, exit to the speakers in the vintage design for that kind of money, probably hard to find. You need only plates themselves, but they can be easily found in specialized stores and in ads for 100-200 rubles.

It is impossible not to pay attention to the smart watch ASUS ZenWatch 3that before the holidays, too, can buy cheaper, though not with such a big discount — $ 199 instead of $ 229. The design of this watch on the head of the bypass the Apple Watch, of 1.39-inch AMOLED display is divided into interactive sectors and is executed in classical style. Stainless steli, the genuine leather strap — as they say, “wrap two pair”.

For lovers of active holidays and Hiking, Garmin has released a smart watch, the Fenix 3. They not only support the innovative technology of the pulse, but also have a display of double sapphire crystal glass, water resistant to 100 meters, but most importantly — built-in GPS, with which you will be able to get out of anything.

A real geek always doing something and loves, and there are situations where solder anything you need is literally “on the go”. Not to get every time the soldering station you can get such portable USB soldering iron. Heats up quickly, besides, you can even feed from an external battery, and the solder in the kit.

A little more expensive $ 10 you can borrow a multimeter in the Toolbox of every DIY ninja such a device should be, and the repair time is a real lifesaver. All readings are displayed on a large display, so you will be aware of all the problems with the electrics, unless of course they are.

Well, what a geek without a screwdriver? But not the usual from the hardware store around the corner, and a screwdriver or such, which allows you to use multiple nozzles. Set of 30 bits for these devices are available now with 50% discount, and from the DEWALT company, known for its quality accessories for repair.

A device (the PlayStation VR headset, and smart watches) is available in us stores much cheaper, so it makes sense to order them at the same Amazon. Most U.S. online stores do not deliver goods to Russia, but you can always take the advantage of the mail-forwarders like checked for our services. It has its own warehouse in the US where you send your parcels from Amazon and other stores, and “mail-order” then forwards them to Russia. To get a us address, it is enough to register in the mail-order. Then in the column Shipping address enter the address provided by mail-order, pay the order in the store waiting for the store will deliver the goods to the warehouse.

Given that you can combine in one order you can, for example, a dozen different devices for DIY, even with shipping the price will be much more profitable.

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When ordering goods for yourself, do not forget about those who need a holiday especially to kids in orphanages and boarding schools, elderly and lonely people with disabilities and special needs. Qwintry offers all its users to participate in charity events: the company has already purchased the necessary items and medical consumables for 5000 dollars, and you can join until the end of December to donate any amount in your account on the website for our services. The funds raised will go to purchasing gifts — educational games, special masks and other useful things. 50 dollars or 50 cents, but any contribution will be useful, because big things start small.

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