The New York Times: a team of Mueller spoke to James Comey

The New York Times: a team of Mueller spoke to James Comey


The New York Times: команда Мюллера побеседовала с Джеймсом Коми

According to the publication, the focus of investigators were notes former head of the FBI about conversations with President trump

The investigators, working under the guidance of spectacular Robert Mueller, spoke last year with the former Director of the FBI James Comey. The main topic of conversation was the notes about Komi had caused his disturbing conversation with the President of the United States Donald trump.

This was reported on Tuesday the newspaper The New York Times.

Trump sent Komi resigned in may last year. This happened after the head of the FBI has publicly confirmed that the FBI is investigating the question of possible coordination between the election headquarters trump and Russia during the elections of 2016. The Deputy head of the Ministry of justice Race, Rosenstein – the second man in the Ministry then appointed a Muller, so he assumed the investigation continued.

Reuters could not confirm the conversation with Komi from independent sources.

The Ministry of justice also confirmed Tuesday that investigators from the team, Muller had a conversation last week with Minister Jeff Sessom.