The Opera browser will be a function lock of miners on the...

The Opera browser will be a function lock of miners on the sites


In the past six months and only heard about how the owners of some web sites embed in their program-miners who use computing power of visitors to Meiningen. Earlier this sin pirate torrent Piratebay, then pulled up, and other major resources. Recently, even coffee chain Starbucks has charged that one of their institution uses your smart device and laptops of visitors for covert mainiga cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, soon anyone who does not want the captive mine strangers Bitcoins, will be able to use the new Opera browser, which will soon have the protection of miners.

The developers said that Opera will be the first browser, which will add protection from miners, embedded in websites to use the user’s computers for mining cryptocurrency. A function that blocks the activity of miners, called NoCoin. Now it is in development and available in the Assembly Opera 50 Beta RC, and will soon appear in the stable version of Opera 50, which is scheduled to release in January 2018.

One of the most popular services, allows site owners to mine with the help of its readers, is Coinhive. Now it is installed on thousands of sites, many of which were simply hacked and the owners still do not suspect that work for the benefit of hackers.

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