The organizers of the Davos forum: trump’s participation will help to learn...

The organizers of the Davos forum: trump’s participation will help to learn more about priorities USA


Организаторы Давосского форума: участие Трампа поможет больше узнать о приоритетах США

Earlier, the White house announced that the President intends to participate in the world economic forum

The organizers of the world economic forum believe that the participation of the President of the United States Donald trump at the annual conference in Davos will allow participants “to obtain direct view of political and economic priorities of the United States”.

The organizers of the WEF said on Tuesday, after the White house confirmed that trump will attend the forum, which will be held from 23 to 26 January with the participation of approximately 350 state leaders and hundreds of businessmen and civil society leaders.

As stated by the official representative of EEF Background Matures, the event is also going to come to the Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Minister of Commerce Wilbur Ross and trade representative Robert Lighthizer.

C opening remarks at this year will be the Prime Minister of India Narendra modi who will be the first since 1997 the Indian Prime Minister, visited the Davos forum. It is expected that the forum will also be attended by the President of France Emmanuel macron and Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may.