The overhaul of old houses make at the expense of the municipalities

The overhaul of old houses make at the expense of the municipalities


In the state Duma consider amendments to the Housing code

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The house, which required major repairs to the privatization of at least one of the apartments, shall be repaired at the expense of local governments. The relevant amendments to the legislation will be considered by the state Duma in the constitutional court of the Russian Federation saw the gaps in the Housing code. However, in the profile state Duma Committee on housing fear that local authorities will not have the funds.

The state Duma Committee on housing policy and
housing and communal services at the present meeting intends to recommend for adoption in the first reading amendments to the Housing code, the law “On privatization of housing Fund in the Russian Federation” and the law “On state information system of housing and communal services”, have informed “news” the source in the Committee.

Documents partially implement the resolution
The constitutional court of the Russian Federation in April 2016 confirmed
the constitutionality of contributions
major repairs of apartment
houses, however, pointed to a number of disadvantages. Then the COP said that the house is in need of overhaul before privatization in them, at least one of the apartments, shall be repaired at the expense of the state. In October last year, the government submitted to the state Duma the corresponding bill.

The state Duma Committee for housing and communal services supported the concept of the document, but expressed a number of comments. So, under the bill, repair of the budget is possible in case if
body of state power or local government authorities took the decision to overhaul
privatization of the premises, but not
fulfilled it. This rule, according to members of the Committee requires clarification, because officials had not had to make a decision about
an overhaul of certain legal

In the state Duma doubt that the time
of the obligation to conduct the overhaul is linked to the fact that privatization
the first dwelling in the house. Such a proposal was earlier made by the government of the Russian Federation. In
the decision of the COP on it, there is no indication, according to a draft opinion on the draft law.

the members of the Committee fear of infringement
rights of apartment owners. The project is not settled
the question of financing the repair, if
the local budget has no funds for that. The Committee also pay attention to
the adoption of the document in its current form will lead to
the increase in financial costs local
budgets, the government does not specify
an additional source of funding. Moreover, the financial and economic conclusion
it is stated that additional funds would be required.

Another bill, which the Committee of the state Duma intends to recommend the adoption, in June last year, has made ex-speaker of the lower house Sergey Naryshkin (the”common
Russia”) and his colleague in the faction Paul
Krasheninnikov (former head of the legislation Committee). The bill also is aimed at implementing
The COP in
which indicates that the sequence
apartment buildings should
be determined on the basis of an assessment
their condition. In
the first thing to do would be to repair those homes where there is danger to life and
of public health, said
in April of the COP.

According to
project definition
criteria priority will the government.
this room in turn should depend
from the technical condition of the house, should
from accompanying materials. Now, in practice, things are
otherwise — the regions
“tied” the room to the other, attendant
factors actually
payments from the owners (Sverdlovsk
region), the number of residents in the house
(Belgorod region).

the calculation of contributions for the repair,
the bill should deal with the government of the Russian Federation, and the premiums depend on
the type of house and
state. Now
minimum amount of contribution is determined
a result, there are cases when in
nearby subjects
the stakes are very different.

The Committee
The state Duma on housing and communal services the issue
I agree, but believes that its effective decision, the government should
to define the conditions of calculation of contributions
for the repair, and install required
the order of calculation. “Do
the limits must be calculated and
approved for each constituent entity” — believe
the Committee.

The deputies are ready to support the idea of obliging the regions to establish a minimum size (not
more than 50% of the amount that would be required
owners can
to stop deductions for special
account. This rule does not apply
for those who are saving up for the repair in
the “common pot” —
regional operator.

the owners of premises in an apartment
the house accumulated in the special account
apartment buildings sufficient
the amount of funds (for example, 40-50% of
the cost of major repairs), it is not
make sense to conduct further
accumulation. Likely they
if necessary, it is better to take
loan than to continue to accumulate
funds”, — said
in the draft conclusions of the Committee.

The Committee will also consider the bill of their
Chairman Galina Khovanskaya
(“Fair Russia”). The document suggests to release from payment of contributions for capital repairs
owners of privatized apartments
in homes where at the time of privatization
required. The bill in August 2016
received a negative opinion of the government.

Itself Galina Khovanskaya does not exclude that all three
the bill will be submitted
at the plenary session as an alternative.
Then on the results
one vote will be accepted as a basis,
and it is possible that the second reading of the norms of the rejected projects will be amendments to the adopted.

— None of the texts is not complete.
My project I submitted before solutions
KS. The Bill Sergei
Naryshkin and Paul
Krasheninnikov was introduced
after this decision, and I more
like than government — said Galina Khovanskaya.

recalled that the COP decision should
be executed within six months.
The decision to overhaul the COP
upon review
requests from the Communist party and “Fair Russia”
April 12, 2016, so the time has gone.

— Main
the point of divergence of the bill is to Finance the capital repairs in
the absence of such a possibility
former landlord (organs
local self-government. — “News”), — said Galina Khovanskaya. — If the former landlord is
the municipality and he has no money, he
should refer to the subject. Have
municipalities virtually no
housing, that is, there was no money.
The property was the state,
and Finance, the state should. In
my version of the owners shall not
to pay for the repair of houses older than 30
years. In government there is a speech about
not to meet the old
obligations, — said the head of the Committee.