The owner of the brands Alcatel, BlackBerry, and in the mystery of...

The owner of the brands Alcatel, BlackBerry, and in the mystery of preparing the revival of Palm


The legend returns

The Chinese company TCL, which owns the trademarks of Alcatel and BlackBerry mobile devices and the brand Philips TVs, announced plans to return to the market of gadgets of the legendary Palm brand in 2018 reported by Stephen Straight (Stefan Streit), head of marketing division of TCL in an interview with the Dutch Internet portal Android Planet.

According to the representative of TCL, the company intends to introduce new products under the trademark Palm early in 2018, In an interview with Stefan Straight did not specify what types of mobile gadgets will be presented under the revived brand, but did not rule out the possibility that it will be smartphones.

It is unlikely that the new Palm gadgets will work under belonging to it before the mobile operating platform webOS because of the tight competition on the market of mobile technology, noted in the Android Planet, much more real scenario using the Android OS.

According to Stephen Straight, Palm will become the fourth brand of the company in the mobile market, after TCL, Alcatel and BlackBerry. Each brand, according to him, will have their own target audience. While gadgets Alcatel will focus on Millennials and youth, and BlackBerry in the business segment, new products under the trademark Palm will be aimed at an older audience interested in the latest technologies.

In his interview Stefan Straight also noted that in TCL for several years studied of a group of mobile devices that are best suited the Palm brand. Despite the fact that trademark Palm today can be considered almost entirely forgotten, TCL is still “hope for the rebirth of a legend”.

What famous Palm

Palm is one of the pioneers of the market of so-called PDA (compact personal computer), or “personal assistants” (personal digital assistant, PDA) – the predecessors of smartphones.

A PDA was a portable device with a large screen, but as a rule, almost without means of communication. Only late model PDA received support Wi-Fi, but they died out under the onslaught of smartphones.

The first successful PDA, the Palm TX