The participants of the meeting in the White house claim that trump...

The participants of the meeting in the White house claim that trump was using unacceptable offensive language


Участники встречи в Белом доме утверждают, что Трамп использовал неприемлемо грубые выражения

On Friday, the U.S. President signed the proclamation in honor of Martin Luther king

President trump on Friday signed a proclamation in memory of civil rights activist Martin Luther king, ignoring during the ceremony the journalists ‘ questions about his recent statements on immigrants from African countries and Haiti.

During a short speech, Donald trump urged to remember “daring and sacrifice” by Martin Luther king.

“He awakened in our hearts the dignity that keeps his soul in every man, – said the President of the United States. – Today for all Americans is obvious that regardless of the color of our skin or our place of birth we are all created equal with God.”

Yesterday, during the meeting at the White house Donald trump, according to participants of the meeting said that immigrants from Haiti and African countries arrived in the US from “SaaS…tion of countries.” During Friday’s ceremony, the President has ignored reporters ‘ questions about it. One of the reporters, several times shouted: “Mr. President, you racist?”.

The head of the Ministry of housing and urban development Ben Carson, who is the most videopostini African American in the administration, also declined to comment on the President’s announcement.

“We must learn to forget about what divides us, he said. – If we consider their fellow citizens as brothers, who share a house and have a common goal, instead of meaningless words coming from our language, we can truly create a unified nation before God”.

Officially, the White house has not commented on the statements of the President, but on Friday morning did Donald trump, who wrote in his “Twitter” that he actually used a “hard” expression.

“The language that I used during a meeting about (the fate of the act) DACA was hard, but I never uttered such words,” said the US President.
“I never said anything derogatory about Haitians besides that Haiti is very poor and problematic country, he continued. – I never said “get them” (US). This Fudge Democrats. I have a great relationship with the Haitians. I should probably record meetings in the future – unfortunately, no one can be trusted”.

Democratic Senator dick Durbin on Friday confirmed that during the meeting on the fate of immigration reform the President trump really made some “hateful, vile and racist” comments.

According to him, after that, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who was also present at the meeting, was forced to inform the President that such comments are “unacceptable”.

The fact that the US President uttered the phrase “…SaaS-ing the country”, also said Republican Senator Jeff Flake.

“This morning the President “tweet” that he never uttered such words, ‘ said Senator Durbin. That is not true. He made these hateful remarks, and did so several times.”