The party smuggled hours 12.5 billion was the owner

The party smuggled hours 12.5 billion was the owner


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RBC found out how was organized the business’s largest dealer gray luxury clocks Russia — where they were taken, as were imported into Russia and who were

In may 2016 FCS told about the arrest of the largest in the history of customs of the party of a Swiss watch. The examiners estimated the cost of the withdrawn goods at 12.5 billion rubles. the Owner of elite goods and the details of the case, the service did not disclose. RBC managed to figure out how functioned illegally in Moscow business hours, clients who were high officials and businessmen from the Forbes list.

Watch most expensive Swiss brands were kept in a small office in the centre of the capital, which the detectives of the FCS compared with the cave of Ali Baba. Their property seized product called businessman Sergei Stanichev, but yet he fails to prove it in court.

As told RBC participants of the market of luxury jewelry, as well as business leaders and aides of high-ranking officials, Afonichev for nearly 20 years has been a leading seller of exclusive watches for the Russian elite. He had purchased a watch which was not officially on sale in Russia and at the same time to remain incognito. Moreover, a genuine watch a prestigious Swiss brands cost Afonicheva cheaper than in the boutiques of Geneva.

At the moment the values are withdrawn, continuing trials. If the trial will end with the awarding of a penalty, under the current estimate of the cost of the withdrawn property, the fine may reach the amount of RUB 25 billion (based on the provided article 16.21 KoAP of the possibility of imposing the maximum fine of twice the amount of the assessment) that, for example, is comparable to the cost of the Russian Federation to conduct a military operation in Syria for six months, according to RBC.

The “watchmaker” criminal prosecution is not threatened, but the seized goods may be forfeited to the state and sold at auction. How was organized the business Afonicheva and why senior customers did not save it from collapse, read the investigation of RBC.