The Pentagon chief accused Putin of creating a complex of relations between...

The Pentagon chief accused Putin of creating a complex of relations between Russia and the United States


The Head Of The Pentagon Ashton Carter

Photo: Matt Dunham/AP

The head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter said that to build bridges with Russia so difficult for President Vladimir Putin, who determines the success of its policy of “creating discomfort for the rest of the world”

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, who will leave his post in late January, after the inauguration of US President Donald trump, said that Russia has adopted a strategy aimed at disrupting the plans of the United States wherever it was, reports The Wall Street Journal.

According to Carter, an increasing number of attempts of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to weaken the influence of the United States complicated the search of areas where Moscow and Washington can cooperate. “It seems that it’s part of his concept of himself. And one of the ways to determine the success of his policies is not a result field, and the level of discomfort that it can create in the rest of the world and represent his people as the starting point of their policies,” Carter said in an interview.

According to the head of the Pentagon, that’s why “is so hard to build bridges” with Russian leaders.

Carter added that he’s trying to give advice to the administration, which succeeds the current one. He also said that Russia did nothing to help in the fight against “Islamic state” (ISIS, declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia) in Syria. “They didn’t do anything to fight ISIS. They fought with the moderate opposition and Syrian government,” he added. Moscow has previously denied allegations of attacks on the infrastructure of the opposition in Syria, stressing that the air strikes were delivered solely at terrorist targets.

As pointed out by The Wall Street Journal, the Carter’s behavior is very different from the assessment of the elected President of Donald trump and his advisers, who in the course of the campaign declared its intention to improve relations with Russia.

Who won the presidential elections on 8 November Donald trump will officially take office after the inauguration on January 20.