The Pentagon confirmed the existence of the program for the study of...

The Pentagon confirmed the existence of the program for the study of UFO encounters


If you are a fan of UFOlogy and science fiction television series the x-files, then this news surely will please you a lot. The Ministry of defense officially confirmed the existence of a program called “Advanced identification of aviation threats” (AATIP), which main purpose was the collection and processing of data on various “anomalous aerospace threats,” a list which includes not only enemy drones and spy planes, but also the objects can be of extraterrestrial origin.

The existence of this program on December 16 was confirmed by press Secretary of the Pentagon That Crosson. She was launched on the initiative of a former member of the U.S. Senate, Harry Reid in 2007, and her support was spent just over 22 million dollars. It lasted only five years until 2012, then was terminated due to lack of funding. Not to be unfounded, provided Crosson leading American media several documents and even some videos shot from military aircraft. On these videos you can see the unidentified flying objects of unknown origin. To judge whether this apparatus alien or a military experiment of a state is quite difficult.

You’ve probably heard of project Blue book, which from 1947 to 1969, the US military has carefully studied numerous eyewitness reports of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Probably we will never know fell if a flying saucer in the area of the famous Area-51, but now we can see real pictures contact military pilots with unidentified flying objects, which behave at least strange.

The first of three videos of the declassified code-name is GIMBAL. This video by the infrared camera onboard military fighter F/A-18 Super Hornet, you can see a strange oblong object with no wings. Initially, the pilot took his drone, but then he began to unnaturally rotated around its axis, was struck by the military. These objects actually had a few, but we can only see one out of focus. It is significantly hotter than the surrounding environment, as well as can very quickly start with a space, while flying against a very strong wind (222 km/h). Watch the video for yourself.

The second video titled FLIR1 was filmed in 2004 fighter of the same model off the coast of San Diego. The object in the video is also acting odd. He quickly changed height from 24 to 6 kilometers, hover in the air, disappeared from the radar and reappeared. Having a size of about 12 meters in length, the UFO was moving at 15 feet above the surface of the water, causing the water below began to bubble. The pilots claim that the aircraft had no wings, no propellers or nozzles. Take a look at this video.

One may argue about how fake it is or not, but the interest of mankind to visitors from other galaxies are not fading with time. Thousands of ufologists, and enthusiasts around the world believe that the day will come when we make contact with alien civilizations. And what will happen next? Will everything go according to the script for the blockbuster “independence Day” or visitors from other worlds will be more favorable to us – time will tell.