The Pentagon has complained to Vladimir Putin

The Pentagon has complained to Vladimir Putin


Ashton Carter, outgoing, said that the Russian President is trying to create discomfort in the world

Photo: Reuters/Hannah McKay

The Pentagon accused the Russian President that it is because of him the US cannot normalize relations with Russia. According to Ashton Carter, is leaving his post after the inauguration of Donald trump, Vladimir Putin, determines the success of his policies on “degree of discomfort” created them “in the world.”

Because Putin is the US so hard to cooperate with Russian leaders, said Carter, reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to The Wall Street Journal.

“Because we are looking so hard to build bridges with the Russian leaders”— complained the head of the Pentagon, reports “Federal news Agency”.

The individual criticism he was subjected to Russia’s actions in Syria, noting that Russia did not do anything to fight ISIS (banned in Russia).

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