The Pentagon has denied the charges, defense of the Russian Federation of...

The Pentagon has denied the charges, defense of the Russian Federation of assistance to terrorists ISIS


В Пентагоне опровергли обвинения МО РФ в помощи террористам «ИГ»

In Moscow said that American instructors to train former militants in Syria

“Groundless and absurd”, called the Pentagon statements by the representatives of the Russian Ministry of defense and several news agencies reported that the U.S.-led coalition helping the leaders of the group “Islamic state” to be evacuated from Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor.

According to head of Russian General staff General Valery Gerasimov, the United States held a “training camp” for teroristov on the basis of “TANF”.

“The outrageous accusation that (U.S.-led) coalition organismal training centre for former terrorists from ISIS in Tape or anywhere else, are groundless and absurd, – Savel, Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Mike Andrews. – A continuation of heinous, senseless and totally false claims of the Russian Ministry of defense, which is trying to discredit US and the success of our coalition in the fight against “Islamic state” in Syria.”

On Friday, the Syrian Agency SANA reported that on 27 December the American helicopters brought from Deir-ez-Zor, a group of leaders of grouping “Islamic state”. On the eve of the Russian news Agency, citing data received from is not named “military-diplomatic sources”, said that before the operation of government forces for the liberation of the city of Mayadin, the American troops were taken out “of foreign commanders.”

The Pentagon acknowledged that the military base “TANF”, located on the border of Syria and Iraq, used to prepare opposition groups fighting ISIS, but deny that this object can be former militants of the terrorist group.

“We encourage representatives of all countries operating in Syria, focus on the real threat posed by ISIS, and to continue the noble task of establishing peace and stability in war-torn Syria,” said Lieutenant Colonel Mike Andrews.