The Pentagon signed a decree on sending additional forces to Afghanistan

The Pentagon signed a decree on sending additional forces to Afghanistan


Глава Пентагона подписал распоряжение об отправке дополнительных сил в Афганистан

However, he did not disclose any specific number of the military, nor the type of units that will be sent to this country

The US defence Secretary Jim Mattis said Thursday that he had signed a decree on sending additional military units to Afghanistan, but did not go into the details of this contingent.

“Yes, I signed the order, but (the process) is not completed. In other words, I signed some Executive order on sending troops, but now we decide what units will be sent,” Mattis told reporters.

The Pentagon chief declined to give a specific number of military included in the orders, however, however, before U.S. officials told Reuters that the President, the trump allow Mattis to send to Afghanistan about 4,000 troops advanced.

“This is, for example, more (number) of consultants, a greater (quantity) of the auxiliary forces, fire support,” Mattis said, adding that no additional troops until the place has not arrived, and it may take “a few days”.

In revising its strategy on Afghanistan, trump said last week that the United States will maintain its military presence in the country indefinitely and would be more willing to fight with the Taliban.

The situation security in Afghanistan has deteriorated in the last few years.

According to the us military, today Afghan authorities control only about 60 percent of the country.

In Afghanistan are serving approximately 11,000 U.S. military personnel.