The Pentagon will consider a disposal of trump on the prohibition of...

The Pentagon will consider a disposal of trump on the prohibition of military service for transgender people


Пентагон рассмотрит распоряжение Трампа о запрете военной службы для трансгендеров

The head of the Pentagon intends to prepare recommendations for the White house

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis announced the establishment of the Commission, whose main objective is to develop recommendations necessary to execute the order of the President.

Last Friday, the White house directed the Pentagon official order, terminate departmental instructions, approved by the Obama administration. Under the new rules, armed forces are forbidden to accept the service of transgender people, and also use of budgetary funds on operations and treatment associated with sex change.

Despite this, the head of the military Department of the USA in a special statement noted that transgender people have already taken part of the armed forces, will be able to continue the service.

According to Mattis, the Commission, which will include representatives of the Pentagon, homeland security and civilian employees of the military Department of the United States, “to prepare recommendations for implementation of the instructions of the President.” In particular, the Commission is required to develop a system “contains the necessary steps to maintain readiness, unity and training in accordance with the budget conditions and requirements of the law.”

The future of every member of the military-transgender, who is now in the service will be determined after the evaluation of the “personal effectiveness and values of action units.”

The Pentagon leadership should convey its recommendations to the President of the United States in 2018.