The police were called for a ban on sales of semi-automatic weapons

The police were called for a ban on sales of semi-automatic weapons


Трамп высказался за запрет продажи полуавтоматического оружия

About this President said during the ceremony, a group of law enforcement officers Medal of valor

The US President Donald trump said that he had signed the Memorandum, which recommended that outlaw semi-automatic weapons similar to what was used in the recent shooting incident at school in Parkland, Florida.

The President announced during the meeting on Tuesday the awarding ceremony of the 12 U.S. citizens Medals for valor – the highest award for his courage in ensuring public safety.

Among the awarded – five law enforcement officers from San Bernardino, California, in 2015 block the path of the criminal, who in a workplace fire that led to the deaths of 14 people.

The award ceremony took place shortly after President trump met with victims in the incident in Parkland.

The last time before the Medal of valor was presented to law enforcement officers who neutralized a criminal, in July last year fired on the participants of the baseball game, held in Alexandria, Virginia. Recall that during the incident, was seriously wounded, the coordinator of the Republican majority in the House of representatives Steve Scales.