The President of Moldova has revoked the citizenship of former President of...

The President of Moldova has revoked the citizenship of former President of Romania


The President Of Moldova, Igor Dodon

Photo: Vadim Denisov/TASS

The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, his decree has deprived the Moldovan citizenship to the former President of Romania and a supporter of the unification of Moldova and Romania in a single state Traian băsescu.

About the decision itself, Dodon wrote on his page in the network Facebook, explaining to him that the citizenship of Moldova was granted Basescu illegally, despite the fact that the latter himself has repeatedly refused to recognize the statehood of Moldova and the existence of the Moldovan people.

Dodon said that with the signing of the decree on deprivation of citizenship Basescu, he corrected violations from the previous President.

The decree of the President of Moldova on deprivation of Moldovan nationality of Traian Basescu

Photo: Website of the President of Moldova/

In the official message of the press service of the administration of the President of Moldova said that the decision on Basescu was taken in the procedure involving deprivation of citizenship of those who acquired it fraudulently.

Wife Maria and Traian Basescu asked about the granting of Moldovan citizenship in March 2016. In June of the same year, the President of Moldova Nicolae Timofti signed a decree on granting citizenship as a priority, bypassing the normal procedure. The name of Maria Basescu in the decree on the deprivation of her husband’s citizenship of Moldova was not mentioned.

Traian Basescu is an active supporter of the accession of Moldova and Romania to recreate the borders of 1939. The unification of the two countries, he was President of Romania (2004-2014) called the third important project in the foreign policy after Romania’s accession to NATO and accession to the European Union.

Igor Dodon, who is considered a supporter of rapprochement with Russia, won a victory on elections of the President of Moldova, held in November 2016. According to the data of the CEC of Moldova, the elections Dodon scored 51,68% of the votes, and confront him head of the party of Moldova “Action and solidarity” Maia Sandu — 47,49%.

At the end of December 2016, said he signed a decree on dismissal of defense Minister Anatoly Salaru, because he “flirted with NATO, knowing full well that Moldova is a neutral country in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic.”